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Women's Football

Women’s Football In Britain

On 5th December, 1921, the Football Association banned women from playing their game, deeming it “unsuitable”. The ban remained in place until 1971.


Why Recreational Reading is a Ticket to Success

Regularly indulging in your favourite novel will exercise your brain and help to improve your memory.

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What are Permission Forms? Why do I need one?

What is a Permission Form and Why do I need one?

Mathematician in front of blackboard

Maths GCSE changes: Why studying now may be your best option.

Maths GCSE Changes: Why studying now may be your best option. Oxford Open Learning has now prepared a new course which has been designed to match the requirements of the new Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) 8300, Linear Specification Maths GCSE examined for the first time in 2017. This includes quite a bit of new […]

An Oxford Open Learning Student

Student Insights – Josh’s Story

“On results day, I couldn’t have been happier.”

In the News: The Modern Wars of the West

Where regular armies have been deployed, the actual results have been, at best, dubious (Afghanistan, for example) and have contributed to the disillusionment of populations in the West.

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The Breaking of the German Armies

These last battles were supported by tanks used in mass formations and by aircraft. This, at last, was war of movement and a breakout from trench warfare.

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Studying as a mature student

Studying for an Access, GCSE or A Level course as a mature student provides a host of benefits that will positively impact on your personal and career success. While returning to education after years can seem daunting, you shouldn’t see it is a mountainous challenge, but rather, an opportunity to be more successful in every […]

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My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend

Today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies.

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The Rise of Sterling: For good or ill?

As the value of Sterling rises against other currencies, export firms move towards a sharp decline in profit,

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