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International GCSE Spanish

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International GCSE Spanish Key Facts

  • PRICE: £425
  • TIME REQUIRED: 200 hours
  • EXAMS: Summer only
  • SPECIFICATION: Pearson/Edexcel 4SP0
International GCSE Spanish

Why study Spanish at GCSE?

Spanish is the fastest growing language in the world and is, therefore, an increasingly popular choice for those wanting to speak a second language. This interactive course is designed to develop your reading and writing skills, and help prepare you for the speaking and listening parts of the examination.

Students studying the GCSE will develop:

  • an understanding and use of the written forms  of Spanish, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes
  • an understanding and use of the spoken forms of the Spanish language through the written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures
  • the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish through speaking, using a range of vocabulary and structures
  • knowledge and understanding of Spanish grammar and its practical application

As well as this the course covers Spanish communities and culture for those looking to learn not just the language but about the people who speak it.

Many students who study the IGCSE in Spanish go on to study the Spanish A level.

The Oxford Open Learning course is designed to match the Edexcel 4SP1 specification and comprises five modules, as follows:

  • About me
  • Day to day life
  • Holidays and travel
  • Modern life
  • Speaking and listening skills

There is also a set of mp3 files designed to support your oral/aural practice.

Oxford Open Learning’s International GCSE Spanish course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel International GCSE in Spanish (4SP1)  for examinations in 2023 and later years.

For Summer 2022 exams and beyond:

Paper 1: Listening, 30 minutes examination paper plus 5 minutes reading time. 25%

Paper 2: Reading and Writing, 1 hour 45 minutes. 50%

Paper 3: Speaking exam, total assessment time is 8-10 minutes. 25%

This course will be graded using the 9-1 grading system.

It’s necessary for you to have some prior knowledge of Spanish before starting this course. It’s also recommended that you have access to a Spanish speaker for additional practice with the spoken aspect of the course.

Online Course? Paper Based? Somewhere in between? It’s your choice!

All of our International GCSE Spanish students receive:

  • Traditional printed learning materials
  • Access to our online resources with on-the-go access to all your regular lessons
  • Unmatched support by a fully qualified teacher online and by phone
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Hi! We are currently open and an experienced Student Adviser is available to answer any questions you may have. Our number is 0800 9 757575

Supporting Resources

Spanish IGCSE FAQs

The international GCSE Spanish is of the same level as a GCSE and is examined by Edexcel, one of the UKs most trusted examination boards. A key difference is that IGCSE Spanish does not include controlled assessment or coursework, making it convenient for distance learners.

The Spanish International GCSE qualification is accepted as at least the equivalent of GCSE in UK sixth form colleges, FE colleges, universities and other HE institutions.

What our students think…

Studying in my own time was perfect. To receive all the materials in advance meant I could work at my own pace and plan when I could study alongside working in a full time job. Having a tutor at the end of the phone really helps if you find something you are unsure of. The course materials also provided me with links, support information and book recommendations which I found very helpful. I would definitely recommend this style of education and was thrilled with my grade A.

Kellie Jarvis, Spanish IGCSE, grade A

Spanish IGCSE student Kellie Jervis

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