2022 Exam Adaptations -

2022 Exam Adaptations

2022 Exam Adaptations

The government is currently insisting that examinations will go ahead as usual in summer 2022 but it seems possible that some students may find that local restrictions do not allow them to take exams. The DfE, Ofqual and the exam boards have yet to announce what will happen in these cases but we will be watching events closely. In summer 2020 and 2021, when it turned out there were no exams at all, Oxford Open Learning provided calculated grades for the vast majority of its students to enable them to move on to the next step in their development. Whatever the contingencies are, we will try our absolute best to fully support you in 2022 and/or 2023.

Pre-release material

Most subjects will get pre-release material on the 7th of February.  This material will help students prepare for the exams.  This information will be released to private candidates.  More details of the pre-release information can be found on the JCQ website. Advance-Information-for-General-Qualifications-2021-22.pdf (jcq.org.uk).

Added 7th Feb

AQA and Edexcel have now released the prerelease material and it can be found on their respective websites. AQA , Edexcel.

Over the coming days, our tutors and editorial team will be looking at the pre-release material to provide more tailored advice for our students.

In addition, Maths GCSE, Physics IGCSE and Science IGCSE will be provided with a formula sheet in the exam.

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