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GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE by Distance Learning – the Foundation of a Good Education

Offering an ideal platform for further study and the wider working world, GCSEs are a highly valued academic qualification. Not only can they open up opportunities for higher education, they can also stand you in good stead for future employment. Even if you already have several GCSEs but are missing core subjects such as English or Mathematics, you may find that your options are limited.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Trust, 41% of respondents reported that a lack of qualifications or skills had prevented them from applying for new jobs or progressing in their current roles. Many of the Oxford Open Learning Trust’s distance learning students are graduates who have found that they need these qualifications to enter into their chosen career, whether it be teaching, nursing or any other line of work.

If you didn’t get the qualifications you need at school, don’t let it hold you back. With the help of our expert teachers and comprehensive GCSE distance learning packs, we’re confident that you’ll pass with flying colours.

GCSE English by Distance Learning and Home Study

As well as providing a crucial set of life skills, most colleges and employers will require a GCSE or IGCSE English qualification, usually at a minimum Grade C. Our English IGCSE home study pack can help you achieve that at the very least by helping you to prepare for the language, literature, coursework and oral elements of the exam.

GCSE Maths by Distance Learning and Home Study

Most employers and colleges will require GCSE Maths, usually at Grade C. If you failed to achieve this qualification at school, it’s not too late. The Oxford Open Learning Trust’s GCSE Maths distance learning resources are some of the most comprehensive available, containing more than a thousand pages of explanations, exercises, tips and assignments.

GCSE Science by Distance Learning and Home Study

Our home study IGCSE Science course is split up into three sections – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each subject ties together to provide you with a core understanding of the world in which we live. Our Science pack has been specially designed for distance learning and the practical requirements of the subject. Our IGCSE science course is a double award.  You can also choose to study the individual sciences, Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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