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History A level distance learning course

Course Price

A level History Key Facts

  • PRICE: £525
  • TIME REQUIRED: 700 hours
  • EXAMS: Summer Only
  • Available as an AS level specification AQA 7042G
History A level distance learning course

Overview of the History A level course

The History A level course matches the AQA 7042 specification. The A level specification requires students to:

  • have a breadth of knowledge over at least a 200 year period
  • show a depth of knowledge of a period
  • engage fully with primary source materials
  • study a broad and coherent curriculum

This has allowed us to develop an exciting and engaging course covering the times and subjects below.

AS and A level topics

Introductory Module:   How to Study History at A-level

Before embarking on your History course, this module will help you consider the role of the historian and the priorities to be adopted as you proceed with your studies.

Module 1 – Challenge and Transformation: Britain, c1851–1964

Allows students to study in breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period.

Module 2 – Victorian and Edwardian Britain, c1851–1914

Reform and Challenge, c1851–c1886 Challenges to the status quo, c1886–1914

The American Dream: Reality and Illusion, 1945–1980

An in-depth study of the challenges faced by the USA at home and abroad as it emerged from the Second World War as a Superpower.

Prosperity, Inequality and Superpower status, 1945–1963

A level only topics

The World Wars and their Legacies: Britain, 1914–1964

  • The Great War and its impact, 1914–1939
  • Transformation and change, 1939–1964

Challenges to the American Dream, 1963–1980

  • The Johnson Presidency, 1963–1968
  • Republican Reaction: the Nixon Presidency, 1968–1974
  • The USA after Nixon, 1974–1980

Coursework Module: Black American Inequality in the United States, c1780-1900

Students will be required to submit a Historical Investigation based on a development or issue which has been subject to different historical interpretations.

The History A level specification

The course has been prepared for the AQA History AS/A level specifications 7041/7042.

The AS Level

Students can sit an AS qualification independently of the full A level. The AS level is assessed by two, one hour thirty minute examinations each worth 50% of the mark. AS results no longer contribute towards the full A level result.

The complete A level

The A level is assessed by:

  • Two, two hour thirty minute examinations each worth 40% of the available marks
  • One 3000-3500 word Historical Investigation worth 20% of the available marks

Students will be able to achieve grades from A* to E.

Please note that the marking and moderation of NEA (coursework) by OOL tutors is included in the course fees – this is not true of other providers.

In order to study History A level students are expected

  •  To have obtained a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade C/4 and above or equivalent
  • Or to have other relevant qualifications or experience which would be equivalent to this.  If in doubt as to what level you should be studying, please speak to one of our student advisers on 0800 9757575

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My prime reason for studying the course was to study, academically, a subject I was especially interested in rather than go to a local College. I wanted to work at my own pace with an organisation with specialist tutors who were experienced and sympathetic. Oxford Open Learning provided all of those things for me. My tutor, Nigel, was perfect in his support and motivated me when I was struggling. My student adviser was also always patient and timely with instructions and advice. Ron Wilson History A level

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