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What’s in a course?

What’s in a course?

Oxford Open Learning Courses

Oxford Open Learning’s distance learning and home study courses include several key components. Individual students enrolled on Oxford Open Learning courses receive a course folder of lessons comprising:

  • An introduction to the course
  • A set of lessons designed to match the specification and meet the requirements of the examination
  • Course activities
  • A set of self-assessment tests plus end-of-lesson objective tests
  • A set of tutor-marked assignments
  • A mock examination for those courses leading to national qualifications
  • Model answers to the self assessment tests, tutor-marked assignments and mock examination

Plus all the support you need:

  • Support from a fully qualified experienced teacher of the subject you choose to study who will be your course tutor. Students and tutors are in regular contact by phone, email and post.
  • Support from a dedicated exams officer who will help you enter for external examinations and submit coursework (where this forms part of an external examination)
  • Support from experienced student advisers who can help you with queries about your course

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