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Exam Map Validation

In order to view the details of the examination centres, you must be an Oxford Open Learning or an Oxford Home Schooling student.

Those centres marked in blue will do everything they can to continue accepting students and they are where you will nearly always able to book an exam place. There is good coverage as they are in England, Wales and Scotland and N. Ireland. Generally they are private tutorial colleges and they will often offer you a discount if they know you are with us. These are also the most likely centres to offer language orals.

We also have an arrangement with Tutors and Exams who now have 10 centres around the country. They will give our students a discount and as well as offering all subjects including languages, the are also specialists in Access Arrangements and SEN.

Green centres are usually very helpful to our students and while they may not offer a full range of subjects, especially orals, they will help if they can.

The centres marked in red are mainly schools and colleges that have helped students in the past when they can but they do not offer exams as a business. We update our information about policies at these centres when we get it but it is difficult to keep them all up to date. Our information is always retrospective and unfortunately we can provide no guarantees on policy.

We can only suggest that you ask any centre politely about their current policy or simply use one of those centres marked in blue. The more organised you are (know your exam board and entry codes) and the earlier you ask, the better your chances of success. It is also well worth mentioning that you are with Oxford Open Learning as we have excellent relations with many schools and colleges.

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