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Exam Entry Codes

Exam Entry Codes



When entering for examinations it is very important that you as Private Candidates know exactly which exams you want to be entered for and that you are able to give the correct information to the Examinations Officer at the centre where you hope to sit.

If you seem confused or needy when you contact them the exam officer may refuse to help you. They are very busy people. Exam codes go under a variety of names; syllabus code, specification code, entry code, course code, they all refer to the same thing. Oxford Open Learning / Oxford Home Schooling provides these details for you in the INTRODUCTION to each of the courses that you are studying. This is the best method of finding your correct entry code and it is available to you from the moment you begin your course.

We will also provide this information in the Autumn exam mail shot which we send to all potential exam candidates, but you may need it before then if you want to get ahead of the rush. Everyone should therefore be aware of their entry codes and be able to provide them on request. BEWARE; exams officers can become very tetchy if you cannot provide the correct information and it could mean the difference between being offered an exam place or being turned down. For easy reference, below is a summary of all the subjects that we offer and their entry codes. However, please ensure that you choose the correct exam board (AQA or Edexcel) and the correct level (GCSE/IGCSE/A LEVEL). We do not accept responsibility for any wrong entries; it is your responsibility to get this right. Remember, the correct information for your own individual course(s) will be in the front (Introduction) to your course materials.


From summer 2019 exams the latest specifications are graded from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest grade and two levels 4 and 5 being equivalent to the old grade C pass level.

Our courses;

*English Language GCSE, 8700, two written papers with an oral exam endorsement. This specification has *NEA assessment and the exam entry must therefore be made with Oxford Open Learning. English Literature, 8702, two written papers, no NEA. Mathematics, 8300 you need to specify the tier; Higher or Foundation tier. F grades are 1 to 5, H grades are 4 to 9. No coursework, paper 1 (non calculator) paper 2 (calculator) paper 3 (calculator) all 1 hour 30 minutes.   Exam sittings in summer or resits only in November. Psychology, 8182. Sociology, 8192.


Edexcel IGCSEs have the same value as GCSEs, but we offer them because they are easier to administer. Edexcel, like AQA, have updated their IGCSEs to the 1 to 9 grading system from 2019.

Please note that French and Spanish orals are compulsory and an essential part of the exam. It is therefore more difficult and more expensive to find centres who are willing to offer these exams.

Biology, 4BI1, papers 1B and 2B, no tier, no coursework/no practical. Available in January and summer sittings. Business Studies, 4BS1, paper 01/02, no tier, no coursework. Summer sitting  only. Chemistry, 4CH1, papers 1C and 2C, no tier, no coursework/no practical. January and summer sittings. Economics, 4EC1, paper 01/02, no tier, no coursework. January and summer sittings. English Language, 4EA1, specification A, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework. January and summer sittings. English Literature, 4ET1, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework. January and summer sittings. French, 4FR1, papers 01 (listening) 02 (reading and writing) and 03 (oral) no tier or coursework. Summer sitting only. Spanish, 4SP1, papers 01 (listening) 02 (reading and writing) and 03 (oral) no tier or coursework. Summer sitting only. Geography, 4GE1, paper 01/02, no tier, no coursework. Summer sitting only. History, 4HI1, paper 01/02 no tier, no coursework. Summer sitting only. Human Biology, 4HB1, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework/no practical. January and summer sittings. Mathematics4MA1, specification A, grades 1 to 9, no coursework, students must choose to enter either Foundation, papers 1F and 2F (grades 1 to 5) or Higher tiers, papers 1H and 2H (grades 4 to 9). January and summer sittings. Physics, 4PH1, papers 1P and 2P, no tier, no coursework/no practical. January and summer sittings. Science (double award), 4SD0, no tier, papers 1B, 1C and 1P, no coursework/no practical. January and summer sittings. Science (single award) 4SS0, June exams only


A level exams are only available in summer, they do not have Foundation or Higher tiers. The grading system is from U to A*. Grades E and above are pass grades.

New A LEVELS from 2019;

The examination and grading of the new A levels is very different from the legacy ones. To obtain a full A level award the Government will require students to sit all exams together at the end of the course, simply called A level. Please note that you no longer sit AS exams to get a full A level.

It will still be possible to sit just the AS part of the exam, but it will be a “stand alone” qualification and it cannot be used towards the full A level. The AS level will have 2 papers which will not be the same as the A level exam papers.

You can only get a full A level by sitting all the required exams together at the same time, this will normally be three written papers covering both AS content and what was previously known as the A2. Even if you have already taken and received a grade for the AS it is a stand alone qualification and it will not be allowed to count towards the full A level.

Our courses;

Business AS; 7131, papers 1 and 2 Business A level; 7132, papers 1, 2 and 3 Economics AS; 7135, papers 1 and 2 Economics A level; 7136, papers 1, 2 and 3 Law AS; 7161, papers 1 and 2 Law A level; 7162, papers 1, 2 and 3 Maths AS; 7356, papers 1 and 2 Maths A level; 7357, papers 1, 2 and 3 Psychology AS; 7181, papers 1 and 2 Psychology A level; 7182, papers 1, 2 and 3 Sociology AS; 7191; papers 1 and 2 Sociology A level; 7192, papers 1, 2 and 3

Those subjects which are partly assessed by *NEA ( full A level English Language, English Literature and History, but not AS level) must be entered through Oxford Open Learning. Please see “NEA Guidelines” for further information. English Language AS; 7701, papers 1 and 2.  *English Language A level; 7702, papers 1, 2 and *C.  English Literature AS; specification A, 7711, papers 1 and 2.  *English Literature A level; specification A; 7712B (option 2B) papers 1, 2 and *C.  History AS; 7041GQ, papers 1 and 2.  *History A level; 7042GQ, papers 1, 2 and *C.


English Language, English Literature and History (full A Level not AS) all have an NEA unit. This is similar to coursework in the old A levels but there are new rules regarding how it is conducted and authenticated and entries for these subjects only, must be made through OOL.  Please see “NEA GUIDELINES” for full information. There may be some confusion at exam centres as AQA are not providing them with much information. However, our recommended centres (the blue markers on the map) should all be aware of the arrangements and our Exam Officer has spoken to many of the other centres to explain. If anyone is having trouble with any exam officer who does not understand, please contact Jenny Booth; jenny@ool.co.uk or tel; 01865 798022. All students studying English Language, English Literature and History A levels will need to complete NEA Candidate Record forms to attach to their final essay submission. These forms can be downloaded from the AQA website by subject. There are Candidate Record forms for each subject and History students may also need a Question Approval form. Please discuss with your tutor or Student Adviser. English Language A level English Literature A level History A level We then ask students to complete and return a Permission Form . this form is not required to book your exams.



The exam requirements for new Edexcel AS or A level are the same as for the new AQA  A levels, described above. This means that an AS grade cannot contribute towards a full A level taken at a different date.

Our courses;

Biology AS 8BI0, papers 1 and 2 Biology A level, 9BI0, papers 1, 2 and 3, The Biology qualification has a practical endorsement which we assume our students will not normally take as it is so expensive. If any students feel they need the practical then please discuss where it is offered and the cost with your Student Adviser.

Chemistry 9CH0 as Biology above.

French AS, 8FR0, papers 01, 02 and 03, plus independent research project French A level, 9FR0, papers 01, 02 and 03, plus independent research project Spanish AS, 8SP0, papers 01, 02 and 03, plus independent research project Spanish A level, 9SP0, papers 01, 02 and 03, plus an independent research project

Please note, before you can take either French or Spanish oral exams you will need to give form RP3 to your exam centre. It has to be signed by your OOL tutor before you give it to the centre.

The forms can be found in the following Guides



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