International GCSE Business (Studies)

International GCSE Business (Studies)

Business IGCSE

This popular course (also still known by its old name as ‘Business Studies’) introduces you to the wide range of skills required in the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st century. Employers are always looking for individuals who understand how businesses work and this course provides you with a thorough grounding in all aspects of managing people, finance, production and marketing.

The Oxford Open Learning course is designed to meet the requirements of the Edexcel 4BS0 specification in 2018 and the 4BS1 specification from 2019. It is divided into five modules, as follows:

  • Business activity and the changing environment
  • Human resources
  • Accounting and finance
  • Production
  • Marketing

This course concerns the business aspects of organisations within their economic, political and social contexts. Business Studies involves the investigation of how business adds value by organizing the production of goods and services. The performance of business is studied from a range of perspectives. Using case studies, your course ensures that you have knowledge, understanding and experience of the real world of business organisations. The use of case study materials also requires that you use a variety of methods to analyse and evaluate this evidence and thus make reasoned judgements in the context of real business scenarios.

Module One, Business Activity and the Changing Environment provides an overarching set of concepts, explores the Ownership and Control of Business, and investigates the Aims and Objectives of Business.

The first module provides a context within which the remainder of the Subject Content is to be studied. There is no optional content and the remaining four modules, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Production, and Marketing, focus on these aspects of business. It is important to remember that all aspects of business are closely inter-related, and that some lessons, for example, that on Location, may also be regarded as an important element of another module  (In the case of Location, this links closely with Production, as does Growth).  Be prepared to review earlier lessons when answering assignment questions.

For further details, please click on the link to the course introduction, to the right on this page.

Oxford Open Learning’s Business Studies IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel International GCSE in Business Studies (4BS1)

Examination Availability

This specification will be examined for the first examination in May/June 2019. It will subsequently be examined yearly in May/June.


Paper 1: Investigating small businesses

– 50% of the total mark.

Examination of 1 hour and 30 minutes, consisting of four compulsory questions, each worth 20 marks

This paper will draw on topics taken from the whole of the subject content. The question scenarios are based on a small business – up to 49 employees.

Calculators may be used in this examination.

Paper 2: Investigating large businesses

-50% of the total International GCSE

Examination of 1 hour and 30 minutes, consisting of four compulsory questions, each worth 20 mark

The question scenarios are based on a large
business – more than 250 employees.

Calculators may be used in this examination.

Supporting Resources

Business Studies IGCSE FAQs

The international GCSE Business (Studies) is of the same level as a GCSE and is examined by Edexcel, one of the UKs most trusted examination boards.

The Business International GCSE qualification is accepted as at least the equivalent of GCSE in UK sixth form colleges, FE colleges, universities and other HE institutions.

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