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Study From Abroad

Study From Abroad

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Where can you study from?

You can study any of Oxford Open Learning’s courses from anywhere in the world.

What tuition do I receive outside the UK?

Students outside the UK receive the same level of tutor access as UK-based Oxford Open Learning students. So our tutors will mark your assignments and respond to your written enquiries. Depending on where you are in the world, our tutors may telephone you: please contact us for further details about telephone contact outside the UK, and contact by Skype. Please consider the time differential when phoning your tutors. If you wish to communicate with your tutor by email, please mention this to your Student Adviser when you apply.

Where can you take your examination?

Some national examinations can be sat outside the UK. For example, there are IGCSE examination centres in most countries. If you wish to study for a GCSE or A Level qualification, then you will need take your examinations in the UK.

Please remember that most GCSEs and A Levels have more than one examination paper, and that these may well be spread over several weeks.

IGCSE examinations, on the other hand, can be sat at test centres all over the world. Oxford Open Learning students follow Edexcel IGCSE specifications and sit their exams in Edexcel test centres. You can find your nearest Edexcel test centre on the Edexcel International website. Our exams officer will help you to register for your IGCSE exam.

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is recognised by universities and colleges world-wide, and provides an excellent preparation for study at A Level. Please see our IGCSE pages for further details of subjects and examinations. IGCSE examinations do not include coursework.

If you are studying outside the UK, please discuss your examination options with your Student Adviser when you apply.

Delivery Costs of Course Materials

The price of delivery to the UK mainland is included in our course fees. Students who live outside the UK may be required to pay an extra fee for International deliveries. Please discuss the cost of delivery with your Student Adviser prior to enrolling on your course.

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