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International GCSE German

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International GCSE German

Why Study German?

German is spoken by 120 million Europeans, including the UK’s closest trading partners. Outside Germany, it is also the first language of Austria, and an official language of Switzerland, the Italian South Tyrol and parts of Belgium. All this makes German a great language to have, for business or for pleasure.

Tutor Support?

Throughout your period of study, you will have access to PGCSE qualified German tutors, both by e-mail and, more importantly, by phone.

Your tutor will mark and give feedback on 12  assignments contained in the course materials.

German IGCSE Course Content

The Oxford Open Learning course is divided into the following five modules:

  • About me
  • Day to day life
  • Holidays and travel
  • Modern Life
  • Speaking and listening skills

There are accompanying audio files which provide various exercises to support Module Five and the oral/aural requirements of the examination.

The IGCSE German Specification

Oxford Open Learning’s International GCSE German course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel international GCSE in German (4GN1) for examination in June 2022 or later years.

Course Assessment

Assessment is by two written examinations and a speaking test.

Paper 1 (Listening) lasts 35 minutes, including 5 minutes reading time.

Paper 2 (Reading and Writing) lasts 1 hour 45 minutes.

The speaking examination, Paper 3, lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, more details can be found in the introduction to the course below.

It’s necessary for you to have some prior knowledge of German before starting this course. It’s also recommended that you have access to a German speaker for additional practice with the spoken aspect of the course.

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