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Amazing Crazes

Amazing Crazes

Playground games tend to play a large part in everyone’s experience of school, as endless lunchtimes and breaks were spent collecting, swapping, sharing and playing. While some trends may be more common than others, the necessity to collect the most, be the best, or simply be a part of it all may well be a familiar feeling. While particular games may stick out in most people’s memories as having been the most fun, more often than not there will be a few passing crazes that spring to mind, having been seemingly all the rage at the time.


Playground games could sweep whole cities, and even the nation at any one time, so by way of presenting the many trends of playgrounds past, Oxford Open Learning has created the Amazing Crazes timeline. Organised by year, the timeline features five decades of obsessions, fads and fun, all the way from army men in the 1950s to tech decks in 2000. The Amazing Crazes timeline invites you to relive your childhood memories, share the crazes you once thought were cool and check out what was popular in other schools at the time.


So take a look – how many have you played?

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