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The Oxford Open Learning Trust regularly carries out research which aims to highlight educational and social issues which we feel need to be brought to the attention of politicians, the press and the general public.  We also try to carry out some light hearted pieces which also educate and inform, like the “Would you pass?” piece. If you would like to find out more about any of the Oxford Open Learning Trust’s research, or wish to contact Oxford Open Learning’s media outreach, please call Greg Smith on 01865 304842.

Literacy and Numeracy Survey 2014

The Oxford Open Learning Trust set out to discover how people view thier own and their colleagues' levels of literacy and numeracy



Amazing Crazes

The Amazing Crazes timeline invites you to relive your childhood memories, share the crazes you once thought were cool and check out what was was popular in other schools at the time.


Impact of Bullying Report

The trust conducted a survey to find out just how big an impact bullying can have on someones life, looking at how the issue can affect their education and the impact on their lives..


Job satisfaction tick box questionnaire

Job Satisfaction Survey

Oxford Open Learning has conducted a survey to find out exactly what is considered important to feel content with your work


Student holding up paper which says `Exam Pass'

Would you pass?

Our interactive test compares the difficulty of GCSEs with O-levels across Science, Mathematics and Geography. Take the test yourself and find out - Would You Pass?


Child sat reading a book

Devolved Education in the UK

With sweeping educational reforms underway in all four Home Nations, we examine and compare the curriculums of England, Wales Scotland and Northen Ireland


Creative Design Competition Image

Design Competition

Creative designers - we need you! Help us to help others get back into education and you could win £500 or a WACOM Bamboo PAD Wireless Touchpad.


Top three methods of learning amongst males and females

How Do You Learn?

Oxford Open Learning's interactive test, How do you learn?, has been live for 4 months and people have been taking the challenge in their hundreds!


You're never too old to learn!

A slide show presentation of all the reason why your never too old to learn and why your excuses are getting in the way.


Which, if any, do you think is the biggest concern parents have for their children?

Impact of Bullying Report 2017

The trust conducted research to find out to understand the impact that bullying has on our later lives.


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