The Lady of the Mercians

After the death of her father, King Alfred the Great, Aethelflaed proved to be an astute leader and strategist.

Politics versus Sport and Helene Mayer: The Forgotten Olympian

Hitler came to power in 1933 and the Nazi officials wasted no time in clamping down on her Jewish heritage. Despite her outstanding natural ability as a fencer, her membership of the German fencing club was withdrawn, followed by revocation of her national citizenship… she left Germany for California with her hopes of competing for the country of her birth dashed.

On Peer Pressure and Conformity

Asch conducted an experiment that highlighted, in the eyes of many, an undeniable truth of modern society.

The Rise of the Audiobook

In an article on the popularity of audiobooks in 2016, GQ Magazine asked if audiobooks “were the new Netflix”, implying that people were binge-listening to books, just as they binge-watched TV boxed sets.

The Men Who Supported Women’s Suffrage

Men who supported women … often had to put up with ridicule and many risked their careers.


TED Talks of Interest

Life is not always formal schooling; there’s more to it.

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Historical Sources for GCSE and A level

Comment on not only what is said but also what is not said or implied. Are the opinions in the sources appropriate or typical for their time?

Are we ageing faster or slower than before?

As recently as the early 1990’s, anyone over 50 was considered to be hurtling toward old age. Now, traditional measures of age no longer work.

The January Blues

The National Health Service recognises

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Hansel Monday

If a gift on Handsel Monday was to be an item rather than money, then tradition dictates that the object could not be sharp, or it would “cut” the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

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