Education And The Class Divide

Statistically, there remains a north / south divide showing that students from the south are more likely to achieve a grade higher than their northern peers.


The Best Ways To Keep Learning At Home

There are endless possibilities out there.

learning anxiety

Overcoming Adult Learning Anxiety

Don’t be afraid to contact your tutor for guidance and feedback if you hit any barriers or want clarification of any kind.


Freewriting: The Key To Unlocking Creativity?

Freewriting is about finding liberation in your writing and connecting with your authentic self – unlocking your creativity is just a happy byproduct of the process.


Romantic Literature For Valentine’s Day

Here are just some of the dazzling classic romances that you can get lost in this Valentine’s Day…


Edison: The Man Behind The Machines

Whilst perfecting the lightbulb, he’s said to have written the phrase “genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.


Diaries That Shaped History

Curie wrote several manuscripts detailing the experiments she and her husband would conduct, as well as personal journal entries.


The Role Of Women In Victorian England

In 1830, wives often assisted husbands in small businesses, but by the 1890s work and home were commonly separated.

Distance Learning

The Best Productivity Tools For Distance Learners

There are plenty of fantastic productivity tools out there that can assist you in achieving your goals.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: Famed And Flawed

Churchill rose back into national politics, but acquired a reputation for erratic judgement in the war itself and the following decade.

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