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A Brief History Of Libraries

According to research, the word “library” originated in Latin, from the word Libraria, meaning “place storing books” and the Latin liber, meaning “book”.


Tips To Help Your Writing Be More Concise

Some people would rather let artificial intelligence technologies handle these responsibilities instead. However, it’s important to be as proactive as possible regarding your work. Below you’ll find some tips to help you be concise in your writing.

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf

Despite her privileged upbringing, Virginia’s life was tinged with tragedy and rife with mental health problems.


Life On Other Planets

There is, of course, ample evidence that life, in bacteria form, does exist in space… But this type of life is a far cry from the human-esque aliens that many of us wonder about.

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions To Help You Feel Better

This year try picking a resolution which will help improve your mental rather than physical wellbeing. Here are a few ideas…


Where Would We Be Without Bees?

The value and the importance of bees to our lives is clear, but, worryingly, they are under threat.


The Origins Of The Christmas Carol

During the mid 1600s, whilst the Puritans were in power, the celebration of Christmas was deemed unnecessary and the singing of carols became forbidden. But, as you might imagine, the tradition continued in secret.


Christmas Books For Kids And Adults Alike

Iceland’s tradition of ‘Jolabokaflod’, literally translated as the ‘Christmas Book Flood’, involves the giving of books to your loved ones on Christmas Eve, then spending the evening together reading.

Short stories

Short Stories: 5 Of The Greatest Ever Written

To celebrate National Short Story Day which is, fittingly enough, on the shortest day of the year (December the 21st), here we look at five short stories that have captured readers’ imaginations throughout the generations.


10 New Authors To Look Out For In 2022

2021 has been a great year for discovering new books and writers.

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