“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”

Creativity is something that we actively learn. It is very much part of our survival mechanism as a species.

Afghanistan's Seceret Schools for Girls

Crisis Schooling: Defying Afghanistan’s Taliban

The education system in Afghanistan has been ravaged by three decades of war, and today 3.7 million children are out of school.


What Should I Study to Work in Politics?

A political career is open to a wide variety of academic backgrounds.

Video Games

Can Video Games Provide Real Narrative?

Indie games are often mechanically, narratively and visually far more daring than their blockbuster ‘AAA’ counterparts.

Racial Inequality in America

A Basic History of Racial Inequality in America: Part 2

America celebrated its black athletes as heroes to the globe, but treated them as second class citizens at home.

Toppling Edward Colston

The Toppling of Edward Colston

The question is not about destruction of the past, or the erasure of history but about how past events, past behaviour, and past ideology can be given a, potentially unwitting, platform and credibility in the present.

Software development

Do I Need a Degree for a Career in Software Development?

Employers are really impressed by applicants who’ve developed practical database tools or web apps in their own time.

Racial Inequality in America

A Basic History of Racial Inequality in America: Part One

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, released in 1852 , was a novel that controversially depicted the harsh reality of slavery for the first time. It has since become one of the most popular books in American history.


How to Unlock Your Creativity

The fact is, everyone is born with the need to create. Creation is, after all, just the belief that we can make a change in the world.

Picture Postcard

The Picture Postcard: A First Fast-Communication Industry

As a symbol of contemporary progress, the postcard was a modern invention that combined advances in printing, photography, industrialisation, transportation and postal regulations, culminating in a culture of speed.

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