Are Electric Cars Really Eco?

If batteries are charged using completely renewable electricity then this part of an electric car is completely CO2 free. If electricity generating from burning coal is used, however, then this creates a lot of CO2, and while a bit better than burning petrol or diesel, there is in fact not that much difference.


Creativity should mean Success

In our modern, results-obsessed era of education, pressure on schools and students to perform and attain has side-lined the creative skills that most employers say are desirable in new recruits.


Krampus? Who’s that?

It is to Europe, in particular Germany, that we must look for the oldest festive ties to Krampus…


A Brief History of the Snowman

The earliest photograph we have of a snowman is also one of the first photographs of anything. Shortly after the invention of the camera, in 1845, a Welsh woman named Mary Dillwyn was experimenting with the new technology. A snowman was among her first subjects.


The Most Valuable Skills for the Future

The digitised workplace will value different skill-sets, and you’ll need to master these if you want to succeed.

Language Variety from Marmoset to Man

Language Variety: From Marmoset to Man

These are social animals who depend on the support and cooperation of those they live alongside. Humans, whilst having a very sophisticated repertoire of language, need to tailor their own language for the same reasons.

School League Tables

School League Tables Should Account for Social Environments

The progress each child makes is relative, and pupils in the second school may be making excellent progress in spite of what the league table suggests.


What To Do If You Fall Behind With Your Reading

There’s always a way to turn things around, so start with a positive mindset. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best; stay calm and don’t panic, because only then can you steadily improve things.

Old Age and Study

Old Age Needn’t be a Barrier to Study

Taking a course or class can really bridge isolation in retirement, as it allows you to socialise with others and keeps your brain active, preventing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.


2020: A Year for Celebrating Wordsworth

The Wordsworth Trust has invested £6.2 million into Reimagining Wordsworth, an educational project which aims to bring Wordsworth’s story into the 21st century.

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