Psychology Career Opportunities

A psychologist can choose to specialise in a number of sub-disciplines.


What Is Long-term Learning?

Understanding how you are learning can be just as important as what you’re trying to learn.

Open University

The Open University at 50

Prior to the OU, there had long been a belief that university education was the province of the rich. It was considered beyond the remit of the poorer classes – not to mention being too expensive.

Reflection skills.

Reflection for Better Learning

Reflection is not a negative, it is is not another task on your to-do list. It is a practice which leads to longer lasting and richer learning experiences.


Time for Tenacity!

Whether it is preparing for exams, coping with an increased workload or dealing with growing demands on your time, tenacity means you choose fight not flight.

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players: Act 3.

To pause or not to pause, that is the question.

Languages can take you far in Business

Languages to Learn to Get Ahead in Business

In today’s ever-growing global economy, learning another language may also significantly benefit you in business. Here’s how…

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players: Act 2

A regular verse line is one that fits neatly into this structure. However, Shakespeare often breaks this rule, adding or removing syllables, creating irregular lines. This is choice, not accident.

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players: Act 1

Even if we struggle to understand the words, there are clues within the verse structure that can assist us.

Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Expanding Horizons: Culture, Tradition and Innovation in Abu Dhabi…

Culture, Tradition and Innovation are three of the foundations of this city.

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