Was The Treaty of Versailles a Flawed One?

The Treaty of Versailles, its critics say, failed to properly establish a viable post-war balance of power where peace and stability could flourish.

The Mona Lisa

da Vinci: 500 Years Into a Foreseen Future?

Da Vinci is famed not only for his painting, but for having sketched designs for such things as bicycles, helicopters and parachutes hundreds of years before they were actually invented. He had an endless capacity for learning, and is quoted as saying, “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

Salvador Dali

How Salvador Dali Brought Modern Art To The Masses

Dali used recognisable and somewhat relatable people and objects in his work but distorted them in such a way that it encouraged mainstream audiences to look at the world from a shifted perspective.


Are Language Subjects In Crisis?

Whilst 76% of students took a GCSE language in 2002, only 46% do today.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

In reality, Hadrian’s Wall never formed any part of the border between England and Scotland… at the time of its construction the two kingdoms did not officially exist.

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays and Personal Development

Summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment with new personal development paths.

Accomplish more.

How to Accomplish More in Less Time

We desperately try to cram in even more to our already overflowing schedule. Yet, despite our efforts, we often end up accomplishing less in more time.

Business Studies

Reasons to do Business Studies at University

If you have no clue as to what specific career direction to take, business studies can give you a helping hand.

Hong Kong

Expanding Horizons: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is said to have naturally excellent Feng Shui, which some say accounts for its wealth.


How to Schedule Revision During Exams

The art of prioritising is the key to success when revising in between exams, or even trying to manage the revision of multiple subjects at the same time.

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