An Anniversary of Economic Cataclysm

The banks were responsible for the disaster, but they were not allowed to go under for their crimes, as many economists then and now say they should have been.

From The Watergate Scandal to Trump’s replaying of American Politics

Unlike Nixon, who became deeply depressed by it, Trump actively thrives on constant bad publicity and attention.

Balancing work and study life

Try to have a flexible schedule and remember that you are doing this for yourself; it’s not a race.

The Burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum

“Broad sheets of flame were lighting up many parts of Vesuvius; their light and brightness were the more vivid for the darkness of the night… it was daylight now elsewhere in the world, but there the darkness was darker and thicker than any night.” – Pliny the Younger

Philosophical Transactions – The Importance of the Scientific Journal

Unlike scientific books, which are written as fact, often detailing an individual’s ideas and personal convictions, a journal opens scientific discoveries and new techniques to scrutiny and comment.

Crime Rates are falling but is that the whole picture?

Some individual crime rates can vary due to their nature. But could they really do so to the extent that they contradict the overall, official, national statistics telling us crime is reducing?

1858: The Heatwave that sanitised London

Bazaigette’s system proved to be the greatest contribution to public health in Victorian England, far more effective than the medicine of the time in combating its epidemic diseases like cholera and typhoid.

How to handle Results Day Anxiety

If you keep yourself busy, you have less time to sit and dwell on your thoughts. You will also feel better about yourself as you have been able to achieve something.

The Leakey Family and Revelations under the Sun

In recent weeks, one of the effects of the intense heat that has swept Europe has been to sear away some of the camouflage of history, to the extent that archaeologists have found themselves uncovering more fascinating evidence of early life.

An Artistic Legacy born from “Madness”

It became a practice for the managers of Victorian asylums to commission and collect the artwork of talented inmates, believing that their paintings and drawings gave a unique insight into the workings of the human mind.

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