Multitasking during online studies – Help or hindrance?

As exciting as being constantly connected to the world may be, our increasingly digitally- lived lives are making us more distant, drained and distracted than ever

The Death of Julius Caesar

“Beware the Ides of March”

Only two years after his appointment as Emperor, in 46BC, Caesar was to become a victim of the very political unrest he’d used to elevate himself to power.

Environmental technology

Environmental Concerns: Are Schools doing Enough?

Do ruling politicians welcome the destruction of planet Earth, or is it more likely that their privileged education has still somehow failed them where global warming and climate change are concerned?

Learning Crucial Quotes

Tips to Learn and Memorise Key Quotes

Even if you are studying a different subject to English Literature, you are likely to have terminology, equations and more to memorise.

Teaching methods change from generation to generation.

Teaching beyond Generation Z: What needs to change?

Having an awareness of generational learning preferences and motivators should underpin your approach.

To study as an adult is usually more likely to bring you success.

Feeling too old to learn? Don’t!

One of the biggest things you need to learn well is motivation – and as a mature student, you will have oodles of it.

Could Virtual Reality be the future of education?

Is Virtual Reality the future of Online Learning?

There are many reasons to be excited about the possibilities that the experience of Virtual Reality offers to online learners. As current as the concept is, the first VR headset is reported as having been born of the 1960s, coined as the “Telesphere Mask” by inventor Morton Heilig. Today it is an immersive and interactive […]

Opinion piece: On the merit of GCSEs

Robert Halfon is Wrong – “Pointless” GCSEs Should Not be Scrapped

Vocational learning can sit right alongside the GCSE, but the qualification should remain for the benefit of those who need to learn basic skills, as well as those who want to branch out into higher academia. Put simply, there’s room for everything.

Studying for exams

What now for A levels?

To affect fundamental changes to the long-standing norms of our education system “stake-holders”, such as parents, teachers, employers and students themselves, all have to be persuaded and cultural and social norms changed.

A traditional exam

Should GCSEs and A levels be scrapped?

Over the next 10 years current advances in IT, robotics and artificial intelligence are forecast to wipe out over one quarter of the of the occupations we now associate with white-collar professional work in, for example, law, medicine, banking retail services and commercial occupations. The “working class” experienced the phenomenon early in the industrial revolution, it is now the turn of the “middle class”.

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