3 Quotes to Inspire Educators on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr King spoke about the value of good education and there is much that educators can learn from his wisdom.

School Libraries

School Libraries are in Crisis

School libraries help make independent learning outside of an ordered curriculum possible. It is in places like the school library that children begin to understand learning as a constant process that continues after school’s end.

Learning a new Language such as Mandarin may give you a significant employability advantage.

5 Reasons to Learn a new Language in 2019

The UK’s imminent exit from the EU highlights the need, perhaps now more than ever before, for languages to be at the forefront of the educational curriculum.

Mary Magdalene

Celebrating in Spain: The Immaculate Conception

In fact, the Immaculate Conception is the day recognised by the Catholic Church as the date of the conception of the Virgin Mary, not her son, Jesus.

Tools for STEM skill subjects

Filling the STEM subjects and skills gap

Providing children with advice on career choices should happen much sooner in schools than at present.

Nursing workers

Pursuing Passion for Public Service needs to be Better Rewarded

Nursing course applications have plummeted by a third in two years. Yet by comparison, big four accountancy firm EY is quoted as receiving 12,000 applications for 800 UK graduate positions.

Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi’s First Wireless Transmission

“…looking back and thinking of those early instruments, we cannot but marvel that the experiment turned out so successfully…” – Guglielmo Marconi on his first transatlantic radio transmission.

Mark Twain

Why is Mark Twain Still so Important today?

Twain has both moulded and inspired the American literary canon which millions still enjoy today.

Studying at Home

The Benefits of Being a Mature Student

Education is a liberation, and new doors will open to you both during and after your studies.

Soldiers wounded during the Great War

Shell Shock in The Great War

The generals and politicians sitting safely behind the lines demanded a level of “manly” mental toughness that simply could not be met by the men experiencing the horrors for themselves.

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