The Effects of Globalisation on Education

Thanks to globalised education, teaching methods are now more interconnected and widespread. Access to schools has been enhanced and because of that students are increasingly becoming prepared for multinational roles.

Digital Detox

Digital addiction has soared in both children and adults alike, with teenagers spending an average of 11 hours per day in front of a screen.

NHS 70

Within a day of the NHS opening, thanks to a massive administration programme, 94% of the British public were already enrolled in the system.

Shaping the future: How you can make an impact

Teenagers are the next generation and as such, given the opportunity, they are capable of changing a lot around them.

A History of Tennis

The traditionally shaped wooden frame racquet was strung with sheep gut and was in common use by the 15th century, as was a cork-cored ball.

“The Little Woman who made a Great War”

Her famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, first came out as a serial in an anti-slavery newspaper and was published in book form in the spring of 1852. Within a year it had sold 300,000 copies in America alone.

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Are boys and girls treated differently?

Toys are still a big area where boys and girls are treated very differently.


Could the Royal Wedding result in a change to British society?

Should we consider more that Meghan demonstrates how our society has already changed rather than ponder whether she will?

London’s Burning

Historians have calculated that the destruction of property in the city was comparable to the Blitz of the Second World War.

The Ethnic Minority Pay Gap

Besides the pay gap, people from ethnic minorities may find it harder to find employment in the first place, being still more likely to earn less than their white European counterparts.

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