The Woman Behind Our First Understanding of DNA

Franklin was the woman behind the first-ever photograph of DNA.

Studying at home

Strategies to Maximise Creativity and Productivity when Studying at Home

The mindset needed for productive studying at home is focused around giving the right visual and psychological cues.

Springtime Poems

Poems to Inspire at Springtime

If the only poem that ever springs to mind in these sunny moments is ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ (aka ‘Daffodils’) by William Wordsworth, then please take this opportunity to meet some more gorgeous poetry to make your spring even sweeter…

UCAS application

What Activities add value to my UCAS application?

Statements help admissions officers to choose between students with identical grades.

A-Level Music

Has A-Level Music Lost Its Mojo?

Could it be that the A-Level curriculum needs to evolve to encompass the new kinds of skills needed by today’s self-published artist?

Gender Imbalaces in work and Education

Gender Imbalances in the UK: From GCSE to Pay Day

The Gender Equality Monitor, part of the Government Equalities Office, has found that clear subject preferences amongst genders are formed in early education.

Learning a Second Language

Which are the Best Career Opportunities Learning a Second Language Provides?

There are over 7,000 languages in the world, so which one should you choose to learn? Admittedly, 23 languages account for over half the world’s population, but that’s still a long list…

The Black Sea

The Dark Ecological Tale of The Black Sea…

Multiple projects are happening throughout the countries currently contributing to the problem, and they are starting to see a sea change.

Electric Cars

Are Electric Cars Really Eco?

If batteries are charged using completely renewable electricity then this part of an electric car is completely CO2 free. If electricity generating from burning coal is used, however, then this creates a lot of CO2, and while a bit better than burning petrol or diesel, there is in fact not that much difference.


Creativity should mean Success

In our modern, results-obsessed era of education, pressure on schools and students to perform and attain has side-lined the creative skills that most employers say are desirable in new recruits.

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