Sociology and Fake News

Only this week, I was told that, “Russia were threatening to bomb Birmingham,” as it had been seen on social media…


Exam Revision Tips

We are all different, and this is the main point with revising – what works for one person will not work for another.

Gender Diversity in Schools

All across the world, gender equality is becoming a big issue, with women everywhere understandably campaigning for parity in things like pay and influence. Because of this, it’s a topic that is a feature in many a lesson plan, but is it practiced in our schools? Secondary school gender inequality According to figures from the […]

Success through Peace: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although King didn’t remove racial prejudice, his work made a massive impact in bringing global attention to the problem.

The Spanish Festival of San José

San José happens to be the patron saint of our Spanish village, so the celebrations here are even bigger than those in the surrounding villages and towns.

Could A.I. create the Social Life of our Future?

If there is one thing about A.I. which worries people more than any other and makes them feel threatened by, it is that of being made obsolete by it.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Both Lenin and Trotsky expected a workers’ revolt in Germany that would sweep away their old order and in turn inspire similar actions in other countries… In the event, History took a different course.

The Lady of the Mercians

After the death of her father, King Alfred the Great, Aethelflaed proved to be an astute leader and strategist.

Politics versus Sport and Helene Mayer: The Forgotten Olympian

Hitler came to power in 1933 and the Nazi officials wasted no time in clamping down on her Jewish heritage. Despite her outstanding natural ability as a fencer, her membership of the German fencing club was withdrawn, followed by revocation of her national citizenship… she left Germany for California with her hopes of competing for the country of her birth dashed.

On Peer Pressure and Conformity

Asch conducted an experiment that highlighted, in the eyes of many, an undeniable truth of modern society.

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