What Is The Gregorian Calendar?

To restore the association between Easter and the true Spring equinox, the reformed calendar jumped ten days, so in 1582 Thursday the 4th of October was followed by Friday the 15th of October.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

It was during his junior year of high school, on April 13th, 1944, that he gave his first public speech, part of an oratorical contest.

Mature student

Being A Mature Student During The Pandemic

Being able to log on from home makes it easy to fit studying around your other commitments, and means you are less restricted about where you live or what schools and colleges you can access.


Diversity And Academic Aid In Games

Before pushing video games aside as detrimental to children’s learning, it is essential to look at which ones children are playing, and what benefits they offer.


The Other Solstice

Rather than dwell on the dark and cold, perhaps it would be better to remember and discuss the other, summer solstice…


Black History In The British Curriculum

The curriculum seems designed to show British history in its best light. While that might inspire younger generations to think of what a small island nation could achieve, it comes at the price of omission and alienation.


The Most Useful Skills In Our Emerging Economy

What new skills will you need to thrive in tomorrow’s economy?

Mature Student

The Benefits Of Being A Mature Student

It is clear that the UK needs more mature students, but why should you choose to study later in life? Here are 7 good reasons…


Macbeth And The Gunpowder Plot: Part 2

The Macbeth we see in the play is an ambitious murderer intent on usurping the divine right of Kings by stealing the throne…


Macbeth And The Gunpowder Plot: Part 1

Shakespeare’s father was friends with the father of Robert Catesby, the lead conspirator.

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