Ed-Tech Trends To Watch

Ed-Tech is growing at pace in the UK and globally; the sector is on track to reach a worth of £3.4bn by 2021.

Huckleberry Finn

The Moral Quandries Of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a revolutionary book that still holds much relevance today. The powerful friendship of young Huck and runaway slave Jim highlighted many of the great racial injustices of the past, and astounded generations of readers the world over. The work was written retrospectively in 1833 after the […]


Did Shakespeare Write Shakespeare?

This authorship debate has raged since the 19th Century, when clergyman James Wilmot set out to write a biography on the bard.


Three Is A Magic Number

Blink and you can miss them – but miss their significance at your peril.

Only Connect

Only Connect

If students are taught disconnected content then their domain of knowledge will be disconnected; the learning will be superficial.

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine

Growing up in Gloucestershire, Jenner had heard of an old wives’ tale that said people who caught cowpox from their cows never went on to catch smallpox… In 1796, he decided to put it to the test.


Fantastic Dyspraxics: Succeeding In Distancing Learning With Dyspraxia

The great news is that dyspraxics tend to excel with one-to-one tuition. So make the most out of your tutor, communicate regularly and don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions.


Dimensions Of Lore

For those who love some added mythology, it makes the stories they consume that much more layered and fascinating.


Why We Need To Keep Museums Going

Museums are always seeking out ways to push the boundaries and take their exhibitions to the next level.

Asking for help

Remote Learning: 5 Ways of Asking For Help

Ways you can ask for help will change slightly if you’re learning from home. So, what can you do?

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