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Kellie McCord is a private tutor with over eight years of experience. Having been a lecturer and educator in China, India, Finland and the UK, she has a wealth of teaching experiences, allowing her to build rapport with students from all walks of life. Respect and inclusivity is at the heart of Kellie's tutoring, which is why she has Diplomas in the Pedagogy of Dyslexia and Mindfulness, allowing her to work with SEND learners. Kellie's mission is to empower students with the self-belief and confidence to achieve their academic goals and set them up for a life of success. She is also the founder of Uplevel Academy, which you can find more about by following the link below her blog -


Harnessing Rainwater

While rainy weather might pose challenges for crop harvests and food prices in the UK, it also presents an opportunity to harness rainwater for the betterment of the environment and your bank account!


How Heartstopper Inspired A Revolution

Perhaps one of the key reasons for the show’s (and graphic novels’) success, is its commitment to inclusive representation.


Exams: Navigating Anxiety

By implementing these techniques for managing anxiety, students can cultivate resilience, confidence, and well-being, enabling them to face exams with courage and composure.


Diversity And Academic Aid In Games

Before pushing video games aside as detrimental to children’s learning, it is essential to look at which ones children are playing, and what benefits they offer.

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