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I am a practising HR consultant working with several start-ups on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis in the London and M4 area, and am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or CIPD. I am the Director of thecareercafe.co.uk; thecareercafe.co.uk is a resource for start-ups and small business. It includes a blog containing career advice, small business advice articles, HR software reviews, and contains great resources such as HR Productivity Apps.

Da Vinci

5 Of Da Vinci’s Most Ingenious Inventions

Da Vinci was so far ahead of his time that the scientific materials and construction expertise required to test many of his ideas did not yet exist


The Differences Between Speed And Velocity

Velocity is a little more esoteric, but it has countless applications in every life that you probably didn’t know about.


The Science Of Our Bird Migrations In Spring

Spring Migration is not a singular process with thousands of birds blackening our skies on the dawn of the Spring Equinox…

The Gulf Stream

How Does The Gulf Stream Impact UK Weather?

The Gulf Stream is also part of another system called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC.

The Severn Bore

What Is The Phenomenon Of The Severn Bore?

Colonel ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill was the first person documented to have surfed the bore, back in 1955.


How Is Earth’s Magnetic Force Generated?

We know about the continued existence of the magnetic field thanks to Geomagnetic observatories which are situated all over the world on lands, ships, aircraft, and even satellites.

The Internet of Fungi

What Is The Internet Of Fungi?

The IOF has been colloquially referred to as the Wood Wide Web.



Amidst the flurry of crucial elections of global political figures this year, the spectre of deepfake-driven political propaganda looms large.

God Particle

What Is The God Particle?

The frustrating, lengthy search for the Higgs-Boson particle was part of the reason for it gained the God Particle reference.


What Is VARK?

I was surprised to read that many neuroscientists consider the VARK theory to be a myth.

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