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I'm a freelance copywriter with an undergraduate degree in English Literature. I've written for many different outlets, including but not limited to marketing agencies, graduate recruitment websites, and online training companies. I've even interviewed a few famous actors for student and arts blogs too! Covering a wide span of material has been incredibly rewarding, as I get to turn my experiences in the arts, education and careers into helpful advice. I sincerely hope you'll find something to your liking here!

Prison Education can prevent reoffending.

Prison Education Stops Reoffending

In most prisons, tutors predominantly aim to structure their classes in a way that favours group work.

J K Rowling's

JK Rowling’s Retrospective Inclusivity

Should ground-breaking literature be so easily edited and redefined at the whim of an author, or left alone once it hits shelves?

Environmental technology

Environmental Concerns: Are Schools doing Enough?

Do ruling politicians welcome the destruction of planet Earth, or is it more likely that their privileged education has still somehow failed them where global warming and climate change are concerned?

Opinion piece: On the merit of GCSEs

Robert Halfon is Wrong – “Pointless” GCSEs Should Not be Scrapped

Vocational learning can sit right alongside the GCSE, but the qualification should remain for the benefit of those who need to learn basic skills, as well as those who want to branch out into higher academia. Put simply, there’s room for everything.

Oxford University

The Truth about the Oxbridge Intake

Last December, it was discovered that Oxbridge purposely over-recruited from eight of the top schools in the UK.

School Libraries

School Libraries are in Crisis

School libraries help make independent learning outside of an ordered curriculum possible. It is in places like the school library that children begin to understand learning as a constant process that continues after school’s end.

Mark Twain

Why is Mark Twain Still so Important today?

Twain has both moulded and inspired the American literary canon which millions still enjoy today.

Studying at Home

The Benefits of Being a Mature Student

Education is a liberation, and new doors will open to you both during and after your studies.

Debate the Sets System

Grouped on Ability: Are Sets Helpful or Harmful?

There’s no sense in pushing young people to breaking point or giving up on them if they feel at a loss in their studies.

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