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The Origins Of The Christmas Carol

During the mid 1600s, whilst the Puritans were in power, the celebration of Christmas was deemed unnecessary and the singing of carols became forbidden. But, as you might imagine, the tradition continued in secret.


Christmas Books For Kids And Adults Alike

Iceland’s tradition of ‘Jolabokaflod’, literally translated as the ‘Christmas Book Flood’, involves the giving of books to your loved ones on Christmas Eve, then spending the evening together reading.


Apocalypse Fiction

Rather than being simply a story of death and destruction, Station Eleven is one about faith in the face of it and the ways that our links to the past are things that cannot be broken.


Tutor – Student Study Time: How To Maximise It

If a tutor sees you are committed to your learning and doing what is required they are likely to go above and beyond in the ways in which they support you.

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley: A Life Darker Than Her Fiction?

We still find fascination in the darkness and disturbances of Mary’s personal background, and remain intrigued by the life she led.


Awe-Inspiring Poems About Autumn

There is great inspiration in to be found in the transition to the darker nights of autumn after long and balmy summer days.


How To Move From A Fixed To A Growth Mindset

The reason for this focus on mindset in education is in the fact that those students who have a growth mindset are the students who see mistakes as a learning opportunity, embrace challenges and are resilient in the face of adversity.


Setting Goals For Real Results

Take time to review your progress and, for every action you take or decision you make, ask yourself, how is this helping me see the success I’m aiming for?


Stress Strategies

Do you feel overwhelmed when you contemplate the enormity of your to-do list?


5 Brilliant Books Depicting Student Life

For those of you not quite ready to leave all thoughts of learning behind, here’s our list…

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