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Pola is an avid reader and passionate about anything education related. She is an English teacher and has taught students from diverse backgrounds, both privately and in the classroom. Her studies in English Language and Literature and International and Comparative Education have provided her with the necessary skills and knowledge to further pursue matters related to education - and to write for OOL.

Balancing work and study life

Try to have a flexible schedule and remember that you are doing this for yourself; it’s not a race.


The Effects of Globalisation on Education

Thanks to globalised education, teaching methods are now more interconnected and widespread. Access to schools has been enhanced and because of that students are increasingly becoming prepared for multinational roles.

Software development

Digital Detox

Digital addiction has soared in both children and adults alike, with teenagers spending an average of 11 hours per day in front of a screen.

Shaping the future: How you can make an impact

Teenagers are the next generation and as such, given the opportunity, they are capable of changing a lot around them.

Could A.I. create the Social Life of our Future?

If there is one thing about A.I. which worries people more than any other and makes them feel threatened by, it is that of being made obsolete by it.

On Peer Pressure and Conformity

Asch conducted an experiment that highlighted, in the eyes of many, an undeniable truth of modern society.


TED Talks of Interest

Life is not always formal schooling; there’s more to it.

Student reading a Sociology GCSE Textbook in sunny field

Classics to Read in School or Out

Some of the books arrayed in the following list are not only great for recreational reading, but also likely to be assigned at school at one point or another in the future.

Learning to Appreciate Literature

I didn’t care anymore that I had to read them for a purpose, as long as I had lots and lots of them to read. It was a complete turnaround for me.

On Women’s Writing

Over the years there have been different distinctions in relation to women’s writing regarding their topics of interest, style and the never-ending comparison to prominent men’s work of each era.

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