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Articles by Elena Cossar

Elena Cossar is an Interdisciplinary Historian and Social Science writer for The Herstorian, based in Suffolk.

Princes In The Tower

Mysteries Of History: The Princes In The Tower

The two princes were taken into the ‘inner apartments of the tower’ where they were seen less and less until they disappeared altogether.


The Role Of Women In Victorian England

In 1830, wives often assisted husbands in small businesses, but by the 1890s work and home were commonly separated.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: Famed And Flawed

Churchill rose back into national politics, but acquired a reputation for erratic judgement in the war itself and the following decade.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

It was during his junior year of high school, on April 13th, 1944, that he gave his first public speech, part of an oratorical contest.

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