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A Brief History of the Snowman

The earliest photograph we have of a snowman is also one of the first photographs of anything. Shortly after the invention of the camera, in 1845, a Welsh woman named Mary Dillwyn was experimenting with the new technology. A snowman was among her first subjects.

Peaky Blinders

The Real Peaky Blinders

“Blinder” was, in those days, popular British slang for trim or well-dressed, which the gang certainly were, favouring a uniform that included tailored jackets and waistcoats, silk scarves and leather boots.


Psychology: What is it?

Psychology questions are approached most notably from biological and behaviourist perspectives.


Psychology Career Opportunities

A psychologist can choose to specialise in a number of sub-disciplines.

Soldiers wounded during the Great War

Shell Shock in The Great War

The generals and politicians sitting safely behind the lines demanded a level of “manly” mental toughness that simply could not be met by the men experiencing the horrors for themselves.

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