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Record number of exam centres accepting Oxford Open Learning external students

Every year at Oxford Open Learning we write to all the examinations centres where we know our students took exams, and ask them to confirm the results our students were awarded. This provides us with a useful database of centres who have helped our students each year and are therefore often positively disposed towards taking […]

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Additional Exam Information for Students Sitting in Summer 2012

When entering for examinations it is very important that you as Private Candidates know exactly which exams you want to be entered for and that you are able to give the correct information to the Examinations Officer at the centre where you hope to sit. Knowing this information makes everything much easier for the person […]

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NOW is the time to start thinking about booking summer exams!

NOW is the time to start thinking about booking summer exams! Everyone gets a lot of post at Christmas and in the rush over the festive season it can be easy to overlook more mundane things. However, all Oxford Open Learning and Home Schooling students who we believe are likely to take exams next summer, […]

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A sweeter examination experience?

A sweeter examination experience? Oxford Open Learning is very pleased to announce that we have located a smart, modern examination centre, very conveniently situated, in a village just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The Kip McGrath Education Centre in Stone, is prepared to take students for all types of examinations and best of all, it is […]

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Results Day 2011: 18 and 25 August

Results days are coming up next month for those taking A Level, GCSE and IGCSE exams. A Level results day is Thursday 18 August – GCSE and IGCSE results come out on Thursday 25 August. Examination results day is always exciting, and often it can be a day of great celebration. However, for a few […]

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