Information for Private Candidates 2012

Additional Exam Information for Students Sitting in Summer 2012

When entering for examinations it is very important that you as Private Candidates know exactly which exams you want to be entered for and that you are able to give the correct information to the Examinations Officer at the centre where you hope to sit. Knowing this information makes everything much easier for the person making your entry and means that they are much more likely to help you sit with them.

These codes go under a variety of names; syllabus code, specification code, entry code, they all refer to the same thing.

Oxford Open Learning/Oxford Home Schooling provides these details for you in the INTRODUCTION to each of the courses that you are studying. This information is also in the December exam mail shot which we send to all potential exam candidates. Everyone should therefore, be aware of the entry codes and be able to provide them on request. BEWARE; exams officers get very tetchy if you cannot do this.

For easy reference, below is a summary of all the subjects that we offer and their entry codes. However, if you use this table, please ensure that you choose the correct exam board (AQA or Edexcel) and the correct level (GCSE/IGCSE/A LEVEL). We do not accept responsibility for any wrong entries; it is your responsibility to get this right.



Biology, 4411, Higher/ Foundation tier, units BLY1,2, 3 and BLYC, requires ISA test

Chemistry, 4421, Higher/Foundation tier, units CHY1,2,3 and CHYC, requires ISA

Physics, 4451, Higher/Foundation tier, units PHY1,2,3 and PHYC, requires ISA test

Science, 4462, written exam, H/F, units BLY1, CHY1, PHY1 and SCYC, requires ISA

Science, 4461, objective or multiple choice papers + ISA (see our blue info. sheet)

Additional Science, 4463, H/F tier, BLY2, CHY2, PHY2 and ASCC, requires ISA test


Mathematics, 4365, specification linear B, Higher/Foundation tier, no coursework

Law, 4162, no H/ F tiers, units 1 and 2, no coursework

Psychology, 4182, no H/ F tiers, units 1 and 2, no coursework

Religious Studies, 4057, specification B, no H/F tier, units 1 and 6, no coursework

Sociology, 4192, no H/ F tiers, units 1 and 2, no coursework



Accounting, 4AC0, paper 01, no tier, no coursework

Biology, 4BI0, papers 1B and 2B, no tier, no coursework/practical

Business Studies, 4BS0, paper 01, no tier, no coursework

Chemistry, 4CH0, papers 1C and 2C, no tier, no coursework/practical

Economics, 4EC0, paper 01, no tier, no coursework

English Language, 4EA0, specification A, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework

English Literature, 4ET0, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework

French, 4FR0, papers 01 (listening) and 02 (reading and writing), no tier or cwk

Spanish, 4SP0, papers 01 and 02, as above (French)

(Oral French 4FR0/03 or Spanish 4SP0/03, optional test, separately assessed, priced and certificated)

Geography, 4GE0, paper 01, no tier, no coursework

History, 4HI0, paper 01, no tier, no coursework

Human Biology, 4HB0, papers 01 and 02, no tier, no coursework/practical

Mathematics, 4MA0, specification A, tiered; papers 1F and 2F, or 3H and 4H

Physics, 4PH0, papers 1P and 2P, no tier, no coursework/practical

Science (double award), 4SC0, no tier, papers 1B, 1C and 1P


AQA  A levels

No A levels have Foundation or Higher tiers.

All A level entries require unit codes. All the individual units can be entered or retaken separately, either at different times or if necessary at different centres. Some centres may refuse to handle coursework or offer language orals.

If a subject has coursework, you must ensure that even though the exam centre is not in any way responsible for supervising it, they must still enter you for the unit. It is possible to enter for written papers at one centre and coursework at another (in the same series) but this can result in problems with getting a final grade, please take advice from OOL/OHS.

You can enter and be given a grade for the AS level alone. If you want this you should use just the AS code shown below and this will automatically give you an individual AS level grade.

You can enter for some or all AS and A2 units together by using the unit codes and just the A2 code. This will give you an overall A level grade but not an individual AS grade. You must use both codes if you want separate grades.

If you are entering for the A2 (which you can only do if you have already taken the AS level or if you enter all the AS/A2 level units at once) you should use the A2 code and ask the exam officer to ensure that this will then combine all your unit results with any previous AS result to give a final grade. If you are sitting somewhere new, they may need previous exam centre details to do this.


Accounting AS level, 1121, units ACCN1 and 2, no coursework

Accounting A2, 2121, units ACCN3 and 4, no coursework

Business Studies AS level, 1131, units BUSS1 and 2, no coursework

Business Studies A2, 2131, units BUSS3 and BUSS4 (requires Pre-Release case study), no coursework

Economics AS level, 1141, units ECON1 and 2, no coursework

Economics A2, 2141, units ECON3 and 4, no coursework

English Language AS level, 1701, units ENGA1 and coursework unit ENGA2

English Language A2, 2701, units ENGA3 and coursework unit ENGA4

English Literature AS level, 1741, units LTA1 A and coursework unit LITA2

English Literature A2, 2741, units LITA3 and coursework unit LITA4

French AS, 1651, units FREN1 and oral unit FRE2 T/V

French A2, 2651, units FREN3 and oral unit FRE4 T/V (summer examination only)

Spanish AS, 1696, units SPAN1 and oral unit SPA2 T/V

Spanish A2, 2696, units SPAN3 and oral unit SPA4 T/V (summer examination only)

History AS, 1041, units HIS1L (Britain 1906-1951) and HIS2Q (USA and Vietnam)

History A2, 2041, units HIS3 N (International Relations) and coursework HIS4 X

Law AS, 1161, units LAW 01 and LAW 02

Law A2, 2161, units LAW 03 and 04 (LAW04, summer examination only)

Pure Maths AS, 5366, specification B, units MPC1, MPC2 and MFP1

Pure Maths A2, 6366, spec B, units MPC3, MPC4 and MFP2

Maths and Mechanics AS, 5361, units MPC1, MPC2 and MM1B

Maths and Mechanics A2, 6361, units MPC3, MPC4 and MM2B

Maths and Statistics AS, 5361, units MPC1, MPC2 and MS1B

Maths and Statistics A2, 6361, units MPC3, MPC4 and MS2B

Psychology AS, 1186, specification B, units PSYB1 and PSYB2

Psychology A2, 2186, spec B, units PSYB3 and PSYB4 (summer examinations only)

Sociology AS, 1191, units SCLY1 and SCLY2

Sociology A2, 2191, units SCLY3 and SCLY4

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