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The Ashes

The Ashes and the Empire

The emergence and development of the Ashes in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was about much more than just sport, however. It reflected the changing nature and cultural implications of empire.

The Duke of Portland

Walcheren: Britain’s Forgotten Scandal

Prominent Cabinet Colleagues George Canning and Robert Castlereagh decided to take the truly extraordinary step of fighting a duel over the Walcheren fiasco.

The Six Hats

Is There a Crisis in Creativity at GCSE?

“Given that the creative industries feature prominently in the government’s Industrial Strategy for boosting the UK economy in the coming years, it seems strange that for the last nine years the government has pursued a method of holding schools to account that works in precisely the opposite direction” – EDSK

The Treaty of Versailles

Was The Treaty of Versailles a Flawed One?

The Treaty of Versailles, its critics say, failed to properly establish a viable post-war balance of power where peace and stability could flourish.

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