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Andrew Bateson is 57 years old and initially trained as a Geologist. He has been a secondary school teacher for 22 years teaching Chemistry and Science to 11 to 18 year olds. Previously he worked in the Ceramic industry in research and development and then management. He has experience of both the independent and state sectors, teaching in single sex and mixed sex schools. As a Union Rep., he followed educational policy closely throughout his teaching career. He has retired from teaching to continue working with OOL and to retrain as a Psychotherapist.

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Opinion: Nicky Morgan, the new Secretary of State for Education

Is Nicky Morgan qualified for the her new job?

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Albert Einstein: A Short History

This Friday sees the anniversary of the birthday of one of history’s great scientists. As such, he is surely due an article to take a look back over his life and career. Albert Einstein was born on March 14th 1879 at Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany. He attended elementary school at the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich, but […]

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Opinion: Term time Holiday

Is there ever an “exceptional” time for children to have time off during term, and should there be any difference in the answer with regard to whether or not they are home schooled? Before September 2013, schools were able to authorise up to 10 days leave from school. The new law states that requests for […]

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Agriculture in the Amazon: a sustainable success story

Part of the IGCSE Science, IGCSE Biology and Biology A level courses examine Ecology, Food Production, Deforestation, Soil Fertility, Soil Erosion and Pest Control. The following is an interesting story about one man’s efforts to manage these. Leontino Balbo is one of Brazil’s largest organic-sugar growers. Since 1986, he has been working on a new […]

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Are Governments putting Science to best use?

Tuesday 5th November saw India launch its first spaceship to Mars. This is what some Indians on the streets of Calcutta thought; “Good thing. Why not?” “What if it is a failure?” “I do not feel proud. The money should be spent on the people.” “India is making a name for itself.” William Dalrymple, the […]

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Plastic World

Oxford Open Learning Blogger Andrew bateson continues his blog series examining some of the History of Chemistry which underpins our Chemistry International GCSE course. In Oxford Open Learning’s distance learning Chemistry IGCSE course students learn about Polymers or Plastics, and Crude Oil as a raw material for these products. The manufacturing industry surrounding this field […]

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The chemistry of ‘being in the limelight’.

In Oxford Open Learning’s distance learning Chemistry IGCSE course students learn about the production of calcium oxide, also known as quicklime. In today’s blog, one of our science tutors takes a look at the history of quicklime and limelight. ‘Being in the limelight’ is a common expression meaning being at the centre of attention, or, […]

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