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Possibly the best way to start is with the simplest ideas.

This Scepter’d Isle

Being an island has influenced both our everyday life and our long term future. Yet it’s difficult to avoid being schizophrenic about our feelings on the fact. Take our current situation…

The man who helped engineer a nation

Although he had the plans for the Clifton Suspension Bridge passed in 1831, it took until 1864 for the entire project to be completed.


WHO’s taking care of you

Some diseases linger that you might think had been eradicated. You’ll have heard of Ebola, and possibly Bird Flu, which can affect humans adversely. But did you know that the plague remains a problem?


Journey to Revolution

The belief in Lenin’s ability to bring down the Russian Tsar was well founded.

The Ides of March

A famous confrontation between the southseer Spurinna and the emperor is believed to have inspired William Shakespeare to write his play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in c.1599.

What to do if you’re struggling with your course

It can be especially difficult to get to grips with studying if you have other commitments, such as work and family responsibilities. With all that in mind, here are some suggestions for what to do if you find yourself struggling…

John Steinbeck

He would perhaps be best known to recent GCSE students for his 1937 novella Of Mice and Men, having been one of many texts studied at that level for a number of years.

Is Donald Trump the most Controversial President in History?

Richard Nixon is perhaps the most well-known recent example of a divisive president.

Do you have a sense of enormous wellbeing?

You might think that in our country there were more reasons than not to be cheerful, yet 1 in 6 of us experience anxiety and depression.

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