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Need to re-sit?

Results days have been and gone and everyone will be breathing sighs of relief because they now know how well they did.

As usual we have been notified about some really excellent results by many of our distance learning students, but inevitably a few have been disappointed. This is never easy for anyone, especially the student, but the exam officer who has to break the news, friends and family and the tutors will all be upset. Nonetheless, all is not lost. It is now much easier to improve your grade and get a good pass, either by re-sitting whole exams or often just individual units where you did badly. With Oxford Open Learning you can often continue to study for your re-sit with no additional charge, depending on individual circumstances.

Edexcel International GCSE, AQA GCSE’s and A level units can nearly all be re-taken in either the January or summer series. In addition, it is possible to get marked copies of your exam scripts in order to see where you went wrong and to help you brush up on gaps in your knowledge. The exam boards will soon be publishing reports on how the exams went and what the most common problems were and there are vast amounts of information available on the internet to help improve your exam performance. Another major consideration is that, although unpleasant, a failed exam is a major learning experience and you are unlikely to make the same mistakes again next time.

The message is that everyone will do all they can to give students the best chance in a re-sit. Do not despair, help and advice is available and anyone who needs it only has to ask.

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