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GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE by Distance Learning – the Foundation of a Good Education

GCSEs have been designed to develop and test skills that are necessary to further study and in the wider world of work. This makes them ideal for studying by distance learning.

If you left school without many GCSEs, you probably already know what a handicap that can be. Many careers are not open to you simply because you haven’t got the right GCSEs to apply. You may already have several GCSEs but find that a few gaps such as English or Mathematics are holding you back. Many of the Oxford Open Learning Trust’s distance learning students are graduates who find that they need these qualifications to become teachers, enter the nursing profession, or embark on a wide variety of other careers.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Trust, 41% of respondents said that lack of qualifications or skills had stopped them for applying for  new jobs or promotions.  Don’t let the fact that you did not get a qualification at school hold you back. You are almost certainly better equipped to pass now than you were at 16, and with our expert help you can be confident of a good result.

GCSE English by Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE English represents a vital set of life-skills for almost everyone. Most colleges and employers require GCSE English, usually at Grade C, and our GCSE English home study pack can help you achieve that at the very least. Distance learning provides ideal preparation of the language, literature, coursework and oral elements of the exam.

GCSE Maths by Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE Maths is a vital requirement for almost everyone. Colleges and employers require GCSE Maths, usually at Grade C, and if you have not achieved this level of success in GCSE Maths at school, now is the time to put that right. The Oxford Open Learning Trust’s GCSE Maths home study pack is probably the most thorough there is, with more than a thousand pages of explanations, tips, exercises and assignments.

GCSE Science by Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE Science by home study is divided into three roughly equal parts – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – and you will see how the three main sciences combine together to give us an understanding of the world in which we live. Our GCSE Science course is specially adapted to distance learning and the practical requirements of the subject. Home study learners may proceed to the Additional Science GCSE or perhaps to A-level.

Within this course there are the following subjects

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