Deadlines for entry for Summer 2013 exams I Oxford Open Learning

Deadlines for entry for Summer 2013 exams

This September, like every September, Oxford Open Learning will enrol thousands of students onto International GCSE, GCSE and A level courses. This year, like every year, some students will realise that they must enrol onto their course after it is considered practical to do so.
When studying a course it is important to have left yourself and your tutor enough time to adequately prepare for the examination. Some courses will also require you to prepare coursework.




This year, Oxford Open Learning’s last dates for acceptance onto courses for summer 2013 will be

  • GCSE / IGCSE:  Nov 16th
  • Full A Level:  Sept 30th
  • AS or A2 only:  Oct 31st


These are our guideline dates and where there is a strong case for late entry we will accept applications on a case by case basis. If you wish to apply for a course after the deadline, please contact one of our Student Advisers on 0800 9757575 immediately.

It is always wise to give yourself as long as possible to complete a course, so unless you really need the qualification by June, please consider applying for the June 2014 exams.

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