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A Level Distance Learning and Home Study

A Level Distance Learning and Home Study

A level Courses by Distance Learning

A levels are the undisputed benchmark of the British education system, helping to set us up for later life in higher education and the working world. Home study students are among the most successful candidates of A level courses. This success rate can partly be attributed to the flexibility of the examination process, but also due to the level of understanding that distance learning offers students.

A level Course Structure and Changes

Each of our A level distance learning courses are divided into two parts: the AS level and the A2 level. While both contain roughly the same amount of learning material, the conceptually more difficult elements will almost always be at A2 level.

Generally, AS and A2 will each include two units and an exam. Examinations take place each summer.

In 2014, the Government announced alterations to A levels which will impact students who aim to sit their examinations from June 2017 onwards. From 2017, candidates are required to take both the AS and the A2 examinations in the same sitting to achieve an A level grade.

Oxford Open Learning is in the process of devising brand new A level courses for candidates aiming to sit their examinations in June 2017. Please see our A level Changes page for further details.

A level set texts for Home Study

For the majority of our A level courses, we recommend a set textbook to help students with their studying. By clicking on any of the book images on this web site, you will be taken to the relevant page on the Amazon (books) website where you can order a hard copy of the text. Some courses also include access to exclusive online resources.

In addition to the recommended text, each course includes a list of suggested further reading to help you gain a broader understanding of your subject.

Special Requirements for Studying an A level Distance Learning Course

The majority of our A level courses have specific entry requirements. For further information, please see individual subject details. Oxford Open Learning will usually permit entry onto our A level courses with a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade C and above. Preferably, these will include English and Maths.

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Studying in the evening and with the support from my tutor I gained 193 out of a possible 200 UMS in my AS level Sociology exams

Anna Melamed, Sociology AS level

Sociology AS level