Home Learning Link to Earning?

Home Learning Link to Earning?

Home Learning StudentWith an average of 23 applicants reportedly applying for every new job in the UK, it’s easy to see why recruiters can afford to be picky. However, there are steps you can take to give yourself an additional boost, whether you are returning to the job market, entering the workplace for the first time, or trying to secure a promotion or change of direction.

Having qualifications relevant to the position you are applying for is a necessity in many industries. However, even if a degree isn’t needed, most employers will want evidence that you have a good understanding of the core subjects, including English GCSE and maths GCSE. If you don’t have these, then home learning can be one way of ensuring you are not missing out on opportunities, simply because you don’t have a certificate to prove your basic skills are up to scratch.

Moreover, rather than being a ‘box-ticking exercise’, home study is a clear way of demonstrating key skills that are appealing to recruiters. Tenacity, self-organisation, motivation and commitment are all required when studying from home. Although home-learners can have as much or as little support as they require, being a student does take effort and a desire to succeed – both recognisable qualities that employers will appreciate.

By being able to evidence sought after assets including self-discipline, improved concentration, flexibility and strong time management skills, a home student who has taken active steps to improve their employability will appeal to a wide range of recruiters.

For some, committing to a programme of study (often involving coursework and exams) can be a daunting task. However, being a home learner is so much more than just the qualifications that you receive at the end – you will have solid evidence for a wide range of highly relevant personal skills, which will prove a real bonus to any CV.

Jane Bradley


For more information on Oxford Open Learning’s home study courses contact a student adviser on 0800 9 75 75 75.

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