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Changing the goal posts?

What the Shifting of the A Level Grade Boundaries Could Mean for Oxford Open Learning Students. A Level exam results day is possible the most tense in the academic calendar. With an announcement from admissions service Ucas that 7% less students have been accepted for university courses this year, it is certainly a worrying time […]

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More schools adopting the IGCSE spells good news for OOL students

As exam boards reveal the growing popularity of the International GCSE, Jane Bradley examines the impact of this on Oxford Open Learning learners Exam results season is almost upon us, bringing with it the inevitable debate about the standard of the traditional GCSE and its ability to stretch the highest achieving students. However, added to […]

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The end of UCAS points and what it means for you

The traditional way of tallying up ‘points’ by students applying to university is looking likely to be scrapped, according to a report by the admissions service UCAS. Initial consultations with universities and schools found that almost 65% of respondents backed the changes, with many feeling that this would make it simpler for students to gauge […]

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Why its more important than ever to hold QTS

Teacher’s message boards have been aflame, following the recently announcement that Education Secretary Michael Gove will allow some schools to hire unqualified ‘experts’ to teach, without requiring them to having Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

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Beat the Exam Nerves

A quick guide to keeping calm and coming out on top, by Jane Bradley, an Oxford Open Learning tutor.

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From the classroom to the livingroom

Why tutoring from home brings its own unique set of challenges, by Jane Bradley, an Oxford Open Learning tutor. Being a home tutor is a relatively new experience for me – prior to this, I was a classroom teacher in an inner city comp, with all the standard challenges you would expect. Although my job […]

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From the Mouths of Babes: My Most Hilarious Classroom Moments

Despite what Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw believes, teaching can be an incredibly stressful job. Happily, it is almost impossible to work alongside young people without them doing or saying something so utterly ridiculous that the only appropriate response is to burst into laughter. Over my teaching career, I’ve had some amazing conversations with pupils […]

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The Top Ten Things to Avoid When Writing Your CV: Part 2

In part two Jane Bradley, an Oxford Open Learning tutor and professional CV writer, provides five more tips for home study students on how to write an effective CV. 6.  Sending the same CV for every position Carefully tailoring your Personal Profile and Objective sections to suit the position you are applying for is crucial. […]

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Home Learning Link to Earning?

Most employers will want evidence that you have a good understanding of the core subjects, including English GCSE and maths GCSE. If you don’t have these, then home learning can be one way of ensuring you are not missing out on opportunities.

The Top Ten Things to Avoid When Writing Your CV: Part 1

Having a perfectly polished CV can help to put you at the top of the recruiter’s pile. To avoid the most common mistakes made by job seekers Oxford Open Learning’s professional CV writer and English tutor, Jane Bradley, has put together a list of things you must avoid if you want to make the right impression.

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