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GCSE English by Distance Learning - The Course

GCSE English courses are a vital aspect of any rounded educational programme, leading to a qualification that is a “must” for many employers and a condition of entry for many teacher training and higher education courses.

The Choice of GCSE English courses

These days, all GCSE English courses (as opposed to IGCSE English courses) include controlled assessment. Coursework is unavoidable and it must be directly supervised by the tutor. This is not practical for adult learners studying independently on home study courses.  Do not let anyone persuade you it is still possible – it isn’t.

But there’s no problem. Learners on home study courses, not in mainstream schooling, can take IGCSE English courses instead. The ‘I’ in IGCSE stands for ‘International’ but IGCSEs are recognised as having the same standing as “ordinary” GCSEs by government, schools, colleges and employers.

IGCSE English courses

The main difference with IGCSE specifications is that they are exam-only. There is no controlled assessment before the final exams. You do not need to submit coursework. This is ideal for distance learners and students of home study courses. Oxford Open Learning still has the perfect GCSE English course for you – but it is called IGCSE English.

Please transfer to our IGCSE English course page  for further information and the opportunity to enrol.

Or, for more information on the difference between GCSE English courses and IGCSE English courses, please click here.



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