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Kaye Jones is a teacher and freelance writer, with a passion for history and education.

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine

Growing up in Gloucestershire, Jenner had heard of an old wives’ tale that said people who caught cowpox from their cows never went on to catch smallpox… In 1796, he decided to put it to the test.


Stories’ Power To Improve Memory

Science tells us that using a storytelling technique is one of the most effective ways to improve memory and retain facts.

Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn: Our First Female Professional Writer

Many attacked the ‘immorality’ of Aphra Behn’s work, and after her death in 1689 she was pushed into obscurity.

Self Isolate

Studying If You Need To Self-Isolate

Speak with your teachers or check your exam board to make sure that if there are any changes to your specification, you are fully aware of them.


EHCP: Do I Need an Education, Health and Care Plan to Home School?

Having an EHCP is not an official requirement, but can be a useful document for home schooling parents, helping you to make the best possible provision at home.


A Guide to Home Schooling a Child with ADHD

Home schooling has become a welcome alternative to mainstream education for many children with ADHD.


How to Home School a Child with ASD

Here are some strategies that will make the home schooling process easier for you to manage without compromising your child’s development and wellbeing.

The Potsdam Conference

The Potsdam Conference, 75 Years On

For any students of GCSE or A-Level history, Potsdam is worth knowing about because historians believe that this conference sowed the seeds for the Cold War.

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