Revision Tips for GCSE/IGCSE Maths Exams 3: Revision websites

This is the third in a new series of blogs for students revising GCSE Maths, or IGCSE Maths in preparation for the AQA GCSE Mathematics or Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics exams.

Revision Websites for GCSE Maths

A quick online search for “GCSE maths revision” will bring up lots of sites but with so many to choose from which ones are actually any good? This blog is a list of my top five sites with a little information on what to expect from each one.


By far the most comprehensive and user-friendly site. It has revision notes, video activities, tests to complete onscreen, an interactive mock exam and exam papers to print.


Has revision notes on specific topics, exam style questions and answers and useful revision summaries.


This site gives explanations of various topics and practice papers with answers.


A collection of video tutorials on mathematics. You can pick your target grade and watch video clips related to GCSE topics at that level.


Another collection of videos on various GCSE maths topics.

Mixing time spent on some of these sites in with more traditional forms of revision can help combat boredom and keep you focussed. As with all types of computer work it is important to take regular breaks, make sure that your seat is at the right height and that lighting is appropriate.

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