Home Education: a blog for parents

Home Education: a blog for parents

Parents whose youngsters are new to home education often ask what they can do to make the transition from ‘ordinary school’ as painless as possible for them and they’re right to be cautious, no matter what a young person’s experience of school there are always going to be some things they miss…

At Oxford Home Schooling we stress the importance of a regular timetable of lessons, but it should be at times to suit the student. It’s also just as important to ensure that a student has a regular timetable of more enjoyable pursuits as well, keeping up with sports and hobbies is vital. It is also useful to make students realise there are some lifestyle benefits to home education, for example, being able to swim on a Wednesday morning or go fishing on a Friday afternoon – the regular timetable our students have does not have to be the same sort of timetable as schools are obliged to have!

Keeping in contact with any friends from school is also vital and it can be refreshing for students to realise they are now in a position to be able to pick and choose their friends a lot more and no longer feel obliged to follow the crowd.

Hopefully this means that students will approach the first lesson in their home education timetable with more enthusiasm….

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