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How Podcasts Help Learning

Podcasts have become somewhat of a trend these days in modern learning. You can find them on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, as well as there being many dedicated broadcasting sites where real people present short, bite-sized pieces of information for learning purposes. Often, these are very entertaining and digestible, which makes the whole experience very enjoyable! Here are a few ways that podcasts can enhance your learning experience.

1) Podcasts Fit Into Everyone’s Schedules Well

Podcasts are the perfect tool for learning bite-sized pieces of information when you are on the go. Whether you are a busy student with a hectic schedule, a professional with a full 9-5 job or a stay-at-home mum, you will be able to fit a 10 minute podcast into your schedule as they are often short and to-the-point. Personally, I like to listen to one on the train when I am travelling to work, or when I am on the bus waiting for the next stop to come. It is so easy to plug in your earphones and play a short clip when you are out and about!

2) Podcasts Fit Different Types Of Learning Styles

Podcasts used to be purely in audio format, which means that auditory learners would be able to absorb a lot of information in a very short amount of time. Now, if you are more of a visual learner, they can help too! In recent years podcasters have broadened their reach to filming video episodes on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. They suit a wide variety of learners simply because of their flexible output styles!

3) They Enhance Active Learning

Active learning involves a hands-on way of learning, which includes things like doing an actual project or task that can aid your learning. Podcasts are a great tool to incorporate into education because teachers can ask students to produce their own and share them with the classroom. They can also be used as a great revision tool to go through information in an active way, because students can catch up on the basics from them, then ask any follow up questions that they may have in an active classroom environment.

Overall, podcasts are super-flexible and dynamic learning tools that everyone can benefit from. If you have never tried using podcasts to support your learning, why not give them a go today?

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