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How To Keep Up Your Creativity Levels

Creativity is just like a muscle- it needs to be stretched, developed and pushed past its limit in order for it to expand and grow.


4 Books To Read This Autumn

Four books to enrich your mind during the season.


What Is The US – China Trade War All About?

America recently increased its sanctions against China in response to the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.


What Role Should Technology Play In The Classroom?

Technology can benefit students by incorporating different learning styles.

social media

How Social Media Can Help Learning

Social media allows one to reach people that they may not have in the past.

gig economy

What Is A Gig Economy?

It is estimated that in the UK, over 5 million workers engage in the gig economy.

Home Schooling

Will Home Schooling Become More Prevalent?

High quality resources and accessible learning platforms should be used to help make home schooling more efficient and personalised.


What Exactly Are Cryptocurrencies?

For beginners out there, here is a quick summary of what this new asset class is all about.


How Podcasts Help Learning

Podcasts have become somewhat of a trend these days in modern learning. You can find them on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, as well as there being many dedicated broadcasting sites where real people present short, bite-sized pieces of information for learning purposes. Often, these are very entertaining and digestible, which makes the whole experience very […]


Why Choose Law?

What would society be like without the rule of law?

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