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Flagging Motivation after Christmas? Advice to Kick on with.

If you’re feeling exhausted by all the gift shopping, wrapping, cooking, eating, drinking and socialising you did last month, you’re far from alone. Many of us are experiencing the delight that is the winter cold/flu virus, it’s absolutely freezing outside, and it’s dark for most of the day. Even the most positive and motivated people can’t help but feel a little dragged down in January. If you’re a person who is studying for GCSEs, A Levels or an undergraduate qualification, studying can become an insurmountable Everest at this time of year. So if you find yourself groaning aloud just looking at those textbooks, here are some tips for kicking yourself back into action.


1. Get outside

Yes, it is dark and really cold out there. However, if you wrap up warm and spend even twenty minutes of your day walking in winter sunlight, you will reap the benefits. Being outside will ensure you top up your vitamin D levels, and the exercise and exposure to light will help to ward off depression or anxiety.

2. Plan a January present

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to use treats to reward and motivate yourself. Create a study plan for the next couple of weeks, complete with goals for each day. Once you have ticked off all the goals, buy yourself a little present or treat yourself to a nice experience. It may seem a little indulgent if you are watching the pennies after festive overspending, but as a famous beauty company advises, you are worth it!

3. Remind yourself of your reasons for study

Make a list of the reasons why you are completing your course. Are you studying so that you can progress onto more advanced courses, or even higher education? Do you want to improve your career prospects and earning potential? Write down as many reasons as possible, and pin your list up where you will see it often.

4. Visualise your success

When you are snuggled up in front of the TV and the summer seems a very long way off, it is easy to forget about your studies. However, visualising how you will feel when you pass that exam or graduate from your course can be a powerful tool for motivation. Imagine where you will be when you get your results. Picture your surroundings and note if there are people with you. Think about how you will be feeling when you open that envelope, or log in to find out how you’ve performed. Imagine how pleased you feel when you get the grade or result you’ve been hoping for. Repeat this visualisation as often as possible and you will find you’re much more open to sitting down at your desk.


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