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I am currently working for a Pupil Referral Unit in the south, having previously taught in comprehensives in Oxford and London. My particular interests are History and (English) Literature, but as a mum of two small boys I am also increasingly interested in debates surrounding primary education in general and parenting in particular.

Is Donald Trump the most Controversial President in History?

Richard Nixon is perhaps the most well-known recent example of a divisive president.

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Creative Writing: 4 ways to Inspire your Teenager

The free-thinking of Creative Writing can provide a welcome relief for teenagers struggling to remember Maths formulae or the birth order of the Bennet sisters.

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What should you do if your child doesn’t get their first choice school?

Additionally, there are wide regional variations. In some areas, the vast majority of children will merrily move up to the local neighbourhood school, but in other parts of the UK, it is much more fraught.

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Mental Health and Education

The government pledged to spend £250 million a year on children’s mental health, but in fact spent just £177 million last year.

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Should two year olds be enrolled in schools to improve attainment?

The Chairman of Ofsted has announced that two year olds should attend schools to give them the best start in life. Why does she think this and do other experts agree?  For most two year olds life revolves around playgroup, Peppa Pig, potty training and perhaps the odd tantrum when things don’t go their way. […]

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Why is the assassination of JFK such a significant historical event?

22nd November sees the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The murder of the 35th president of the United States of America shook the world. For a long time, people would ask “Where were you when you heard?”. Now, fifty years on from the tragic events, we can look back and consider […]

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Why is Kristallnacht seen as a turning point in the history of Nazi Germany?

9-10th November marks the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht – night of the broken glass. What happened that night and why is it seen as a turning point in the history of Nazi Germany? On the evening of the 9th November 1938, Jewish people living in Germany found themselves under attack. In a series of co-ordinated […]

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