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Hi, my name's Phil. I am a Content Writer and Producer. My background is a mixture of education, social media and management. I've spent a lot of my career working in Latin America and Spain, and I have a love for languages and education. I also have my own blogsite:


The Most Useful Skills In Our Emerging Economy

What new skills will you need to thrive in tomorrow’s economy?

World Poetry Day

English Literature: Should We Review Syllabuses?

Perhaps we could update the “modern text” dramas, and show a greater range of cultural perspectives.


In Support of Multidisciplinary Models: Part 2

Children are not often challenged to explain natural processes from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Maybe if they start to explain things in terms of atoms, chemicals and biological systems from the beginning it will yield huge breakthroughs in the future.


In Support of Multidisciplinary Models: Part 1

One of the main problems is that the disciplinary approach stifles cooperation and growth.

Only Connect

Educating Disadvantaged Children: Part 2

Giving educators flexibility to think outside the box could make some difference.


Jobs For Life Are Dying – Learning Needs to Change

If young professionals are to be expected to requalify on a regular basis in order to keep pace with the economy, learning must be democratised.


Educating Disadvantaged Children: Part 1

Once there is a culture of underachievement, or misbehaviour, it is very hard to change.

Intellectual History

Opinion: Why Schools Should Put More Emphasis on Art and Music

A shift in culture and a move away from the hegemony of classical education is necessary.


Are VR and Big Data the Future of Education?

The question will not be whether or not to adopt the technology, but how to do it in a controlled and responsible way.

The i+1 Principle

What is the i+1 Principle?

We tend to look at people doing something really well and see it as a fait accompli, or an innate gift, and not an expression of years of tireless work.

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