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I have been working as a History tutor for OHS since February 2011 and also work for Edexcel/Pearson as an examiner for History. Prior to that I worked at a couple of secondary schools across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire as Head of / teacher of History. I graduated from University of Wales with a BscEcon in International history and International politics, and have an MBA and PACE.


School Statistics: A History

Did you know that schools have been inspected since 1839?

Opinion piece: On the merit of GCSEs

Opinion: Is More Free Schools a good idea?

Studies into the performance of free primary and secondary schools maintain that it is too early yet to comment on results in public examinations.

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Religious Festivals of the World

We are approaching christmas, one of christianity’s most  important festivals. But what are the most important festivals for other religions? Britain today is a multicultural society. Being a Christian myself, I am aware of its festivals. Some are celebrated nationally and declared bank holidays. However, other religions have their own holy days and we should […]

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Why is it so hard to predict an A level Grade?

In the papers recently, we were told that only about half of all predictions for A Level grades are correct. According to a survey, some are overoptimistic whilst others underestimate what their students can achieve. Not all teachers are equally incorrect in their predictions: Independent school teachers were the most accurate in predicting the right […]

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Using Wikipedia when studying History GCSE / A level

Whether studying for History GCSE or A level, students always have to write essays on specific topics, events or people. This usually involves some research, in addition to consulting the relevant handbook chapter(s). Whilst in the past students headed for the library to find additional reading material, nowadays they are more likely to consult the […]

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