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Deborah is a freelance writer with an appetite for travel, books and blue cheese. She has worked in colleges and universities in the UK and Australia and also resided in Hong Kong and the UAE. Deborah is a flexible learning enthusiast, who achieved her arts degree majoring in Communications and Sociology through distance learning.

Salvador Dali

How Salvador Dali Brought Modern Art To The Masses

Dali used recognisable and somewhat relatable people and objects in his work but distorted them in such a way that it encouraged mainstream audiences to look at the world from a shifted perspective.

Hong Kong

Expanding Horizons: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is said to have naturally excellent Feng Shui, which some say accounts for its wealth.

Languages can take you far in Business

Languages to Learn to Get Ahead in Business

In today’s ever-growing global economy, learning another language may also significantly benefit you in business. Here’s how…

Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Expanding Horizons: Culture, Tradition and Innovation in Abu Dhabi…

Culture, Tradition and Innovation are three of the foundations of this city.


Expanding Horizons: 5 quirky sides to Amsterdam you might not have heard of

Amsterdam actually has more canals than Venice and is therefore dubbed the Venice of the North.

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