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The Oxford Open Learning Trust

The Oxford Open Learning Trust

Established over 25 years ago by Dr Nick Smith, Oxford Open Learning is a not for profit trust. All our profits go into improving the courses and the overall study experience of our students, so you can trust us to have the same aims and goals as you. Our emphasis is on providing a great study experience which finishes with you getting the grades you need to move your career forward.  Have a look at our Money Back Guarantee. We think it demonstrates our exceptional commitment to our students.  We think we have some incredible advantages for our learners.  We have:

  • A dedicated and experienced team of 200+ tutors, all fully PGCE or B.Ed qualified.
  • A Student Advice team of 8 people with 95 years of service between them.
  • An Exams Office which offers the very best in assistance with finding an examination centre.
  • An in house Publishing Department committed to providing courses tailored to your syllabus and the needs of a distance learner.

So if you are interested in studying an A level or a GCSE The Oxford Open Learning Trust is the best option available to distance learners in the UK.

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