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GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

GCSE Distance Learning and Home Study

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GCSE Psychology

The study of Psychology offers the opportunity to gain insights about yourself and others in ways which are applicable to everyday situations

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16 Mathematical Concepts

GCSE Maths

Mathematics is the universal language, everyone needs to speak it and employers quite rightly expect it. The ideal base for all other study.

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GCSE Religious Education

Religion has been with us since the dawn of man. It asks some of the most fundamental questions and sits at the heart of nearly all societies.

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If you didn’t get the qualifications you need at school, don’t let it hold you back. With the help of our expert teachers and comprehensive GCSE distance learning packs, we’re confident that you’ll pass with flying colours.

Offering an ideal platform for further study and the wider working world, GCSEs and IGCSEs are a highly valued academic qualification. Not only can they open up opportunities for higher education, they can also stand you in good stead for future employment. Even if you already have several GCSEs but are missing core subjects such as English or Mathematics, you may find that your options are limited.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Trust, 41% of respondents reported that a lack of qualifications or skills had prevented them from applying for new jobs or progressing in their current roles. Many of the Oxford Open Learning Trust’s distance learning students are graduates who have found that they need these qualifications to enter into their chosen career, whether it be teaching, nursing or any other line of work.

With GCSE exams gradually being reformed, coursework is now being replaced by controlled assessments that are completed under supervised conditions. However, these controlled assessments are impractical for home educated students. With IGCSE distance learning, 100% of the assessment is done by examination, providing a convenient way to build on and test your knowledge and skills.

For subjects where controlled assessment is not required, you can still enrol on our GCSE home study courses in, for example, Maths, Law, Psychology Sociology and Religious Education. We also offer IGCSE science courses in Biology and Human Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In some core subjects, such as Maths, it is possible to take either GCSE or IGCSE.

To find out more about our IGCSEs, take a look at our blog on ‘GCSE and IGCSE: what’s the difference?


You can start our courses at any time, although if you plan to sit exams (GCSEs, IGCSEs and A Levels) on specific dates there are deadlines for receipt of applications. These deadlines fluctuate slightly each year but remain roughly the same:

  • For summer exams, applications for IGCSE or GCSE courses must be received by the previous mid-November.

If you have any questions regarding the above deadlines please feel free to call our student advice team.

If you are already a graduate but you have missed our normal deadline then our fast track courses are available to allow you to complete a GCSE course more quickly than usual.

Previous qualifications are not necessary for many of our courses. Our friendly Student Advisers have many years of experience in helping to guide students towards the most suitable courses and our personalised enrolment process is designed to give you the best possible advice with honesty and absolutely no high pressure selling.

For most GCSE/IGCSEs you do not need to have any prior knowledge of the subject. However, if you would like to enrol to study English Language GCSE/IGCSE you will need some experience of writing and reading English. Our GCSE and IGCSE English Language courses are not designed as courses in English as a second language, but to meet the requirements of exam board specifications that aim to assess native speakers of English.

Unlike many of our competitors who operate a general pool of tutors, each OOL student will be given an individual tutor for every one of their subjects. This is a huge advantage, as it means that over your period of study you will build up a relationship and work together to ensure that your support suits your individual requirements and gives you the best possible preparation for your exam.

All our courses include dedicated tutor support via telephone and email. All OOL tutors are fully qualified experienced teachers who work from home and are able to offer flexible contact times, including evenings and weekends. Indeed some still teach part-time in schools, while others are AQA examiners and markers, so they are fully aware of the needs of our students.

It is important to establish when would be good contact times for both you and the tutor. If you are studying outside the UK, for example, you might be in a different time zone, and so will need to be very clear about mutually convenient contact times.

Yes, you can. Bear in mind that you will need to pay additional postage and packing fees for sending course materials outside of the UK. Unless you have a UK bank account (to set up a standing order) your fee must be paid in full before the start of your course. You may need to come to the UK to sit exams if you are studying for GCSEs or A Levels, so be aware of this. You may need to sit more than one exam paper, and these may be on different days. IGCSEs can be taken at test centres worldwide.

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