The new GCSE grading system

Over the next few years a new GCSE Grading system is being introduced.

Rather than being graded A* to G, students will be graded 9-1. The diagram below summarises how the new numeric grades are expected to line up with the old alphabetic grades.

Diagramatic representation of the new GCSE Grading system

As you can see the A* and A bracket has been split into 9 to 7 grades.  This is intended to allow the very best students to distinguish themselves.  At the point of writing we are expecting only 2% of entries to get the very top grade as opposed to nearly 7% who were previously getting an A*.

Grades 6 to 4  match to the existing grades B and C. Whilst we expect that 5 grade 4s will be enough to progress onto most Further Education courses, There is likely to be some movement in this with some courses requiring grade 5 and above.

Time line for the Introduction of the new Grading system

Subjects using the new grading system in 2017

  • Maths GCSE
  • English Literature GCSE

Subjects using the new grading system in 2018

  • Maths IGCSE
  • English Language IGCSE
  • English Literature IGCSE
  • Religious Education GCSE

Subjects using the new grading system in 2019







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