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International GCSE Geography Distance Learning Course

Course Overview

Our course actively engages learners in the study of geography, developing them as effective and independent students and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. It aims to develop a knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and skills. It should further students’ understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens. It enables students to develop and apply their learning to the real world through optional field work and other out-of-classroom activities.

Course Content

The Oxford Open Learning international GCSE Geography course is designed to follow the structure of the Edexcel 4GE0 specification and is divided into six modules, as follows:

  • Geographical Skills
  • River Environments
  • Coastal Environments
  • Economic Activity and Energy
  • Urban Environments
  • Fragile Environments

The course includes 8 practical and virtual fieldwork opportunities, and enables students to develop a range of geographical skills as they work with maps, diagrams, graphs, statistics, photographic images and online media.

Students should have internet access to carry out some of the research and lesson activities, some of which will be accessed by password.  To find out more about the course click on the link to the course introduction in the sidebar to the right of this page.


Oxford Open Learning’s Geography IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE in Geography (4GE0) for examinations in June 2015 and later years.


Assessment is by one 2 hour 45 minute examination. There is no coursework.

IGCSE Geography FAQs

The International GCSE Geography is of the same level as a GCSE and is examined by Edexcel, one of the UKs most trusted examination boards.

The Geography International GCSE qualification is accepted as at least the equivalent of GCSE in UK sixth form colleges, FE colleges, universities and other HE institutions.

The course costs £295.  Click for full details of The Oxford Open Learning Trusts GCSE and international GCSE prices

No, our course is supported by an online learning resource. This is called `Geography All the Way’  and students are able to complete virtual fieldwork.

Our Geography IGCSE is designed to be self contained. However, in the introduction there are a list of sources recommended for students to broaden their knowledge on certain topics.

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The Geography IGCSE course has been designed as a stand alone course and does not require the use of an additional text.  However, the introduction lists additional sources for students to gain a wider understanding of the subject.

Download and view the Introduction from our Geography IGCSE course

Download and view a Sample Lesson from our Geography IGCSE course

Download and view a copy of the Edexcel Syllabus for the Geography IGCSE