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IGCSE English Literature


open book with fanned pages in a fieldOxford Open Learning is pleased to announce that we now have an exciting new course for IGCSE English Literature.

The new course is designed to match Issue 2 of the Edexcel 4ET0 specification for examinations in June 2012, or later years.

Candidates are required to sit two written examinations, one on prose and drama and one on an unseen prose or poetry text and the Edexcel poetry anthology. There is no coursework. The specification is designed as ideal preparation for A level English Literature study.

The selected texts for detailed study are Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. For the poetry paper, Edexcel has produced an anthology of sixteen poems incuding a number of popular favourites like Kipling’s ‘If’, Blake’s ‘Tyger’ and Dylan Thomas’s ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, and a range of poems by international writers including Alice Walker and Gabriel Okara. (Click here to access the anthology, nd then select ‘Teacher Resource Materials’.)The OOL course covers all sixteen poems in considerable detail. The course also includes a module on unseen texts with practice worksheets on unseen prose and poetry

As well as the four modules on the two set texts, unseens and the poetry anthology, there are also two introductory modules, one on literary analysis and one on essay technique. The Edexcel requirements are a little more “academic” than the equivalent GCSE but our course aims to make the study of English Literature lively and engaging and for students of all abilities.

English Literature IGCSE forms an ideal complement to study of the main English IGCSE course or as part of a full range of IGCSE studies.


For  distance learners in general, 2011 is the last year in which it is possible to stake a “standard” GCSE in English Literature. From 2012, GCSE students are required to undertake a controlled assessment which is not practicable unless you are in a supervised classroom. So IGCSE is the only viable choice in this and and a number of other subjects. But there are plenty of IGCSE exam centres up and down the country so it is relatively straightforward to enter the exams, especially with no coursework involved.

IGCSE qualifications are accepted as at least the equivalent of GCSEs in all sixth form colleges, FE colleges, universities and other HE institutions.

IGCSE world-wide

If you are looking to study IGCSE English Literature outside the UK, there is no need to visit the UK to sit your exams.  With exam centres world-wide, Edexcel IGCSE is the obvious choice for international candidates.  Visit Edexcel International to find your nearest exam centre.

If you are interested in studying this or other IGCSE programmes with Oxford Open Learning, please contact one of our Student Advisers today.

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